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December 21, 2007 21:30 ET

Historic Space Exploration Images From NASA's Archives Appear in 2008 Calendar

Discounts and Free Shipping Available for "Year In Space" 2008 Calendar

ITHACA, NY--(Marketwire - December 21, 2007) - Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin sets up an experiment package on the Moon's surface at Tranquility Base while the lunar module Eagle looms in the distance. The tiny Vanguard satellite, mocked in 1958 by Soviet Premier Khruschev as a "grapefruit," peers down from its 2,500-mile-high-orbit, the oldest artificial object in space. The surface of Titan is revealed in detail for the very first time in 2005 as the daring Huygens probe, released by the intrepid Cassini spacecraft, becomes the first spacecraft to land on Saturn's eternally cloud-shrouded moon.

These are just some of the 53 historic space exploration images from the NASA archives, interplanetary spacecraft, and world-famous observatories that appear in the limited-edition "Year In Space" 2008 Desk Calendar, an award-winning 144-page weekly calendar featuring images and information from the past, present and future of space exploration and astronomical discovery. A free downloadable poster of all the images is available at

Published in cooperation with The Planetary Society, "The Year In Space" takes its readers on an out-of-this-world journey while giving them a convenient way to organize their busy lives back on Earth.

The 53 weekly images represent the full spectrum of space exploration, from the Apollo Moon landings to the International Space Station. Amazing planetary images by the Cassini Orbiter and the Mars Exploration Rovers are presented along with breathtaking deep space views taken by the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes. An informative essay accompanies every image, and each weekly calendar page is filled with historic dates in space history.

"The Year In Space" is also a versatile desk calendar, with weekly, monthly, yearly and multi-year calendars, a daily moon phase calendar, an address section, blank pages for notes, and more.

Discounts of 25% to 44% are available for educators, students, Internet surfers, and NASA employees. Discounts also apply to employees, customers, retirees and stockholders of organizations that sponsor the calendar, including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, The Planetary Society,, and member organizations of the Coalition for Space Exploration.

"The Year In Space" can be ordered online at or by calling 800/736-6836. There is free standard shipping in the U.S.

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