SOURCE: Blancco Ltd.

December 04, 2007 08:00 ET

Holiday and End-of-Year Computer Purchases May Lead to Careless Disposal of Private Data Steers Users to 100% Secure Data Destruction Tips

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - December 4, 2007) - Blancco, the global leader in data cleansing and end-of-lifecycle solutions, today urged computer buyers to beware when disposing of their old computers and data. The message was issued at a time when holiday spending is reaching its peak and computers, laptops and other electronics top the holiday list.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) projects that $22 billion will be spent on laptops and other electronic gifts this season. That figure, coupled with an end-of-year corporate spending surge on computer hardware, strongly emphasizes the need to properly destroy confidential data residing on older devices to protect users against identity theft, damage to corporate reputation, and potential legal action.

According to experts at Blancco, simply hitting the delete key will not prevent the exposure of sensitive data from hard drives, flash drives, USB attached drives and other devices. Advanced data erasure and security software solutions guarantee 100% secure data destruction through simple, on-screen steps, provide detailed reporting of every erasure performed, and, when necessary, ensure reporting compliance with strict industry standards and stringent government regulations.

To address the need for education on data erasure and security problems, Blancco has developed, an ad-free website dedicated to providing up-to-date and in-depth information on data destruction issues and solutions.

"As the world leader in data erasure we feel a responsibility to educate both consumers and corporate computer users on the perils of confidential data getting into the wrong hands," said Markuu Wilgren, North American vice president of business and sales development for Blancco. "The site is a great resource for information on current data sanitization methods and provides visitors with the necessary knowledge to prevent a data breach."

The site explains that all data sanitization methods are not the same. Delete commands fail to remove all data while simply storing a computer away or physical destruction completely eliminates the opportunity to reuse the equipment. This contributes to the growing environmental impact from hazardous e-waste and thwarts corporate sustainability efforts. As an alternative, proper software overwriting tools permanently remove data while preserving the asset for future use.

In addition, visitors to can request information on computer recycling center locations -- an important feature for security-focused and environmentally concerned users. The site also explores the need for verification and audit trails as proof of compliance with industry standards and government regulations. Armed with this information, consumer and corporate users are better able to make informed decisions about privacy, data erasure and computer lifecycle issues.

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