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Universal Studios Home Entertainment

October 09, 2007 11:10 ET

Hollywood Goes Green: Evan Almighty Eco-Friendly from Production to DVD Release

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 9, 2007) -

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The movie industry can always be relied upon to embrace social causes. From charity events to topics of documentaries and dramas, Hollywood has a unique opportunity to shine the spotlight on serious issues. But like a great movie script, Hollywood has just produced an impressive and interesting twist: a comedy with an environmental message.

Universal Studios' Evan Almighty, starring Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman and Lauren Graham, holds the distinction of being the first feature film-comedy or otherwise-to "zero out" its climate changing footprint on the environment.

Spearheaded by director Tom Shadyac, the entire production was run using environmentally friendly principles, which included the planting of thousands of trees at the primary filming location to offset the movie production's carbon emissions. Additionally, the director, who worked closely with The Conservation Fund, provided bicycles to crew members in order to encourage eco-friendly transportation and oversaw the recycling or donation of all surplus production materials to Habitat for Humanity.

But the environmental efforts didn't slow down once the cameras stopped filming. To continue the momentum of Shadyac's green production and the eco-friendly themes within Evan Almighty's script, Universal Studios Home Entertainment Canada made the decision to distribute the movie's DVD in environmentally sound packaging. While most DVDs hit store shelves in Polypropylene cases, Evan Almighty is making its DVD debut in a specially designed case that used earth-friendly products and processes in its creation.

The paper used in the packaging has been awarded a "Chain of Custody" certificate from the Forest Stewardship Council, an organization devoted to ensuring that local laws are complied with, forest replenishment occurs and that the world's forests are responsibly used. The Chain of Custody certificate means that all materials used within the packaging of the Evan Almighty DVD case have been followed from forest to the consumer and deemed responsible. This includes all successive stages of processing, transportation, manufacturing and distribution.

Additionally, Universal Studios Home Entertainment Canada looked to an environmentally friendly alternative for the printing of the Evan Almighty DVD case. To avoid further damage to the ozone layer, all printing was completed using soy-based inks and a waterless printing process.

Like the character in the movie, the Evan Almighty DVD may stand out on store shelves as a bit out of the ordinary, but the message of responsibility, stewardship and caring for the environment is one worth standing out-and up-for.

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