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November 01, 2007 06:00 ET

Homeland Security Group International, Inc. Primed for Growth in $570 Billion Global Defense Industry

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - November 1, 2007) - Homeland Security Group International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: HMSG)


Homeland Security Group International, Inc. is a developmental stage company in the $570-billion homeland defense sector based in San Diego. HMSG's mission is to develop and commercialize technology focused on providing increased security for both civilian and military personnel throughout the world. Under the leadership of Colonel Jeffrey A. Powers (USMC, Retired), a 26-year veteran of the US Marine Corps, HMSG seeks to assemble a portfolio of technology and services through alliances with established defense-related companies and through internal development. In addition to a seasoned management team, HMSG has assembled a top notch Advisory Board consisting of a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant General, former FBI sniper, a retired Navy combat pilot, a retired Command Master Chief special operations corpsman, and two PhDs. HMSG formed joint ventures and business relationships with established manufacturers of military gear and security-related products and services.

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Colonel Jeffrey A. Powers (USMC, Retired), Homeland Security Group International, Inc. Founder & CEO Colonel Jeffrey Powers (USMC, retired) retired from the US Marine Corps in 2003. He is a veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Storm, where he commanded a 1,200-man Task Force in Saudi Arabia as part of the lead Marine Corps contingent in Desert Shield. Colonel Powers was decorated for valor while serving as Operations Officer for the lead Task Force into Kuwait. Colonel Powers has over 26 years' experience in training, motivating and directing multinational, civilian and military personnel. Colonel Powers is a graduate of Villanova University, with a BA in Criminal Justice. He also has a MS in Urban and Environmental Studies from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a MA in National Security and Strategic Studies, Naval Warfare College, Newport, R.I.


Homeland Security Technology, Inc. (HST) is the wholly owned operating division of Homeland Security Group International, Inc. HST is comprised of three operating divisions: the Product Division, Security Division and the Ballistics Division.


AcTiv PRODUCTS -- Activ Group, Inc. to introduce a revolutionary new non-alcohol based hand antiseptic for the Military and First Responders.

Microdine™ is a FDA Registered Class I Antiseptic and a Class I Skin Protectant. Microdine meets the rigorous requirements of the FDA, OTC Surgical Scrub Monograph, and is based on new discoveries in molecular chemistry. One application cleans and protects the hands for up to 6 hours and is resistant to washing off. This antiseptic protects the skin with one application like putting on a pair of rubber gloves. Microdine is currently being used at a VA hospital on the East Coast. This product is a breakthrough in field sanitation. Lack of water and high operational tempo makes it difficult for Marines and soldiers to properly prevent disease and infection in austere environments. Marines and soldiers often handle food without having the luxury of washing their hands. Microdine will provide protection from bacteria, viruses, and parasites, which can often take a greater toll on combat effectiveness than the enemy. A disciplined regimen of using Microdine will also help prevent many chronic problems such as those experienced by Desert Storm veterans. We also have an avenue to sell Microdine in military retail outlets. The market for Microdine is enormous. Bank tellers, medical personnel, food industry employees, casino employees, and child care workers are just the tip of the iceberg. Microdine is one of several outstanding products that HMSG will be marketing for Activ.

HMSG and representatives from The Activ Group have conducted meetings with military units and will begin testing the antiseptic immediately.

NEPTUNE -- Homeland Security Group International is currently in an R&D phase with an Emergency Breathing Device called the Neptune EBD-1 and follow-on family of Neptune Breathing systems.

The EBD-1 is capable of providing emergency air (2-4 minutes) to enable escape from submerged vehicles or aircraft. Follow on systems are expected to extend air-time from 10-50 minutes with a small chest rig. HMSG expects delivery of the next generation Neptune within the month for local testing.


Homeland Security Group International's Ballistics Division concentrates on the testing and evaluation of new and existing products related to ballistic armor. The focus of the Ballistics Division is to develop and commercialize compounds and materials that may be used to lessen the weight of existing armor on vehicles and for personnel protection purposes. HMSG is working with manufacturers to improve armor and techniques for installing lightweight packages on vehicles. The HMSG Ballistics Division has testing and evaluation data on many compounds currently in use by US Military and Law Enforcement Agencies. By constant testing and evaluation of these materials, HMSG will strive to improve their functionality, reduce weight and price. HMSG and partner Protective Solutions, LLC of Dulles, VA have recently provided anti-spall protection for Marine Light Armor Vehicles in Iraq and are poised to provide the same protection for Marine amphibious assault vehicles in theater. HMSG can provide protection raging from NIJ Level IIIA blankets up to NIJ level IV light weight ballistic plates. We will soon feature a carrier for the plates. It is our intention to expand our marketing to allied nations.

XO ARMOR -- HMSG entered into an agreement with XO Armor of Houston, Texas to market and distribute XO Armor's patented safety and security film in California, Arizona and Nevada and also to the US Government. HMSG entered into the agreement during participation in Operation Golden Phoenix in August 07. Under the terms of the agreement, HMSG will act as a distributor of XO Armor products to the western region. HMSG will immediately introduce XO Armor to the US Marine Corps for use on military vehicle windows.

"We entered into discussions with XO Armor after reviewing testing data on their patented ballistic laminate processes," said Colonel Jeffrey Powers, CEO of Homeland Security Group International. "I am confident that this is the only company that can substantiate their claims of having produced a NIJ Level IIIA ballistic laminate. We have dealt with other manufacturers in the past but could not claim ballistic capabilities and we ended up marketing only safety and security films. XO Armor is the real deal with an established resume and their testing data is irrefutable."

"Teaming with HMSG, we are able to enter the western region of the US and continue our testing and product upgrades using HMSG assets in California, Arizona and Nevada. Our product has proven itself during testing and we are in negotiations for government contracts. Our association with HMSG will enhance our ability to reach military and civilian clients on the west coast," commented Cindy Kilgore of XO Armor.

The XOArmor/HMSG team has already begun to function with HMSG agreeing to provide testing facilities in the San Diego region. XO armor is a Woman-Owned, Total Hub Zone business and also a schedule 70 GSA contract holder


Based in Houston, Texas XO™ ARMOR is a revolutionary process combining XO Armor safety and security film with our chemical solutions XO Bond (patent pending) and XO Base. This unique process penetrates glass and forms a permanent, molecular bond between glass and XO™ ARMOR film. When applied, the patent pending formula fills the substrate pores of ordinary glass or any polycarbonate material and transforms it into a super strength protective shield against bullets and debris without compromising the optical clarity of the glass. XO™ ARMOR has the only known technology that allows applying multiple layers of film to the glass in the field resulting in added strength and performance. XO™ ARMOR is a total Hub zone, Woman-owned business. For more info visit


HMSG markets and coordinates the installation of security systems for homeland security markets, including commercial, residential and government clients. Currently, HMSG has a strategic alliance with a leading residential and commercial security and surveillance companies, VideoNext (, Ironforge Security Systems, and Wanco Surveillance Trailers with advanced systems in place throughout the country. HMSG, through its strategic partners, can offer the technology, manufacturing and financial capability to provide security systems on a nationwide basis for Fortune 1000 companies. Target markets include remote surveillance systems for the oil industry, corporate sites, convenience stores, retail chains, fast-food outlets and other multi-facility organizations. HMSG is marketing a web-based remote surveillance system allowing management to remotely view operations from anywhere in the world via secure server technology. Features include pan-and-tilt cameras; night optics; audio interactivity; and compressed, archiveable storage capability with instant retrieval. This technology fills a much-needed void in the security industry. Having the technological capability to remotely monitor multiple facilities from one location has tremendous advantages over systems where the data is stored in each individual site. Reducing the terrorism threat; controlling employee shrinkage; and reducing theft, vandalism and crime are huge concerns in corporate America. The technology is a cost-effective solution to mitigating the damage and economic loss associated with these security risks.HMSG is currently bidding on two projects in the Gulf of Mexico.


Ironforge Systems is headquartered in Houston, Texas with regional offices throughout the United States. IFS delivers services and support solutions in the areas of technology, security, organizational management, engineering and construction (in both classified and unclassified environments). IFS is a full service Integration company including various brand of camera ad server hardware.


Homeland Security Technology, Inc. has assembled a stellar team of military veterans with a broad range of experience to advise management on strategic issues.

Emil R. Bedard, Lieutenant General (USMC, Retired)
Ronnie Frigulti, Retired FBI, CEO Police Training Consultants
Kit Lavell, Former Naval Aviator, Vice President Strategic Operations, Inc.
Command Master Chief Brian Fitzgerald, USN (ret)
Dr James J Richardson. PHD, Technical advisor
Dr. Dave Warner, PHD, MD, Science Advisor


Recent press reports have indicated that President Bush has proposed a 14.4% increase in spending for the Department of Homeland Security to over $50 billion. The request for total military spending was slated at $402.6 billion. Highlights of the budget include $3.2 billion for Future Combat Systems, an Army program developing military gear for soldiers to use in combat situations. $890 million was budgeted for aviation security measures such as bomb detection machines and air marshal training. The Justice Department is to receive a 242% budgetary increase from 2001 levels to $22 billion for counter-terrorism and homeland defense efforts allocating more than 2,600 FBI agents for counter-terrorism efforts. Recent reports peg the total expected expenditures for global homeland defense spending in excess of $570 billion.

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