SOURCE: Homeland Security Group International

August 30, 2006 06:00 ET

Homeland Security Group International Reports Successful Participation in Strong Angel III Integrated Disaster Response Demonstration

DEL MAR, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 30, 2006 -- Colonel Jeffrey A. Powers, CEO of Homeland Security Group International (PINKSHEETS: HMSG), announced today that the company's participation in Strong Angel III Integrated Disaster Response Demonstration was an overwhelming success. HMSG participated in Strong Angel III from August 21-25 in San Diego, California as participants in the "Shadowlite" portion of the exercise providing logistical support to the demonstration. The company also utilized its technological partners to gather data during numerous sorties for analysis by the core group of the demonstration.

"We are extremely pleased by the performance of our team during this demonstration," commented Colonel Powers. "We challenged ourselves with being able to quickly set up and sustain operations from a mobile command post in a simulated disaster situation. We were able to provide support to the core group including satellite Internet connectivity, satellite telephonic communications, shelter, electricity, food, sanitation, security, Internet security, wireless video teleconferencing and interoperable radio communications. In each of our experiments we were completely satisfied with the results we obtained and in many cases we were able to exceed our expectations of the results," concluded Powers.

During the week long exercise, HMSG demonstrated the ability to integrate multiple communication and cyber security solutions to representatives from the Department of Defense, Congressional Representatives, Law Enforcement, Federal Emergency Management Agencies and local and national television and print media. HMSG drew from their nationwide joint venture partnerships and strategic alliances with companies including Base-X, FED-COMM USA, MobID, Redflex, Koolspan, Camlite, Guardian Solutions, Innerwall, Lociva, Intech, VOOP, Nexicon, and SmartCuff,

"For this demonstration Base-X tents of Fairfield, Virginia provided us with outstanding support by establishing our command post in their largest dome style tent connected to a smaller command tent. Power, lights and air conditioning were supplied by a Base-X generator trailer and Base-X assigned two local personnel to assist for the duration of the demonstration," commented HMSG Chief Operating Officer, Mark Wilson. "Inside these tents our partner companies worked in concert to provide secure data and communication along with satellite connectivity for various evolutions and experiments by the Shadowlite Group's 'Synergy Strike-force' while also providing data for analysis by the Strong Angel core group. I am pleased to announce that during the week our group solidified their common business goals and committed to a unified plan for future business development. We arrived at Strong Angel as a diverse group of companies connected by joint venture and teaming agreements. We emerged from this demonstration as a unified technological incident response team. We couldn't be more pleased with the results of this evolution and want to thank the Strong Angel group for allowing us to participate in the demonstration and affording us this opportunity to display our abilities," concluded Wilson.


Strong Angel III was the third in a series of demonstrations that have taken place since 2000. The first two Strong Angel demonstrations were held in 2000 and 2004 in Hawaii associated with the joint Naval exercises called RIMPAC. The primary goals of Strong Angel III are to field-test and demonstrate effective means of delivering life-saving humanitarian relief in the wake of natural and man-made disasters, to foster close collaboration and communications between aid agencies, governments and military in providing disaster relief, to provide local communities with solutions that will help them cope with disasters more immediately and effectively, and to enable military forces to better prepare for and execute humanitarian relief efforts. Strong Angel III will issue a lessons-learned document on its website as soon as possible after conclusion of the demonstration. For more information on Strong Angel III and a listing of participating public- and private-sector organizations, please visit


Homeland Security Group International (PINKSHEETS: HMSG) is a technology-based corporation based in San Diego, California. HMSG's mission is the development and commercialization of technology focused on providing increased security for both civilian and military personnel throughout the world. Under the leadership of Colonel Jeffrey A. Powers, USMC (Retired), HMSG has assembled a portfolio of technology and services through alliances with established defense-related companies and through internal development that is being brought to market in a cost-efficient and timely manner. The Company also has an alliance with Recon Mountaineer, LLC (an Oceanside, Calif.-based designer and manufacturer of military combat gear for the United States Armed Forces). The company has also partnered with leading security firms to design and market surveillance systems for homeland defense security applications.

This press release contains forward-looking statements pursuant to the "safe harbor" provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements include risks and uncertainties that may cause the company's plans to change and are in no way intended to guarantee that the company will be successful in executing its plans. HMSG's common stock currently trades on the over-the-counter "Pink Sheets" under the symbol "HMSG." This press release in no way constitutes any recommendation regarding the securities of HMSG or its affiliates. Any person reading this press release is advised that this release should be considered in light of all facts and circumstances regarding the business and financial condition and prospects of HMSG, and no inference is made that this release contains all such information.

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