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October 20, 2005 09:00 ET Presents Online Audio Interview with Paul Johnson, CEO of Sniffex Inc., Manufacturer of a Handheld Explosives Detection Device

Explosives Distance Detection, Lightweight Functionality and Affordability Open International Military Sales Opportunities

POINT ROBERTS, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 20, 2005 -- (HDS), an investor news portal for the homeland defense and security sector, presents an audio interview with Paul Johnson, CEO of Sniffex, Inc. (OTC: SNFX), a manufacturer of a handheld explosives detection device capable of detecting explosives and recently fired weapons from distances between 10-100 feet. Mr. Johnson discusses the differentiating features of the Sniffex product such as its lightweight, cost effectiveness and distance detection capabilities.

"Sniffex is an explosives detection device that can detect a multitude of nitro-based explosives as well as weapons that have been fired and have residue remaining on them. It is also very compact only weighing approximately 1.3 pounds so it is very easily transportable in addition to being very price effective, competing with products five and ten times the price of Sniffex," explains Mr. Johnson.

Sniffex is in the midst of deploying their international sales strategy through a growing list of select worldwide agents. Mr. Johnson explains, "When you sign an agent that lives in the region, speaks the language natively, has an existing customer base and product line with a solid reputation with its customers, you cut the sales process down substantially. This is by far the best strategy when you are trying to build a worldwide network."

While currently planning tests with the U.S. government, Sniffex has sold and is in the process of selling to many other governments and their militaries, which as Mr. Johnson describes, "tend to move much more quickly through the decision process than within the United States."

With a focus in R&D on improving the power and performance of the Sniffex device, the Company is gearing up for the manufacturing of the next generation of the Sniffex product and looks to the future for additional advancements such as a movement from an analog to a digital system. Overall, as Mr. Johnson explains, the Company feels well positioned to meet the needs for government and military around the world for a handheld explosives distance detection device.

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Sniffex, Inc. (OTC: SNFX) is the manufacturer of a pocket-sized, hand held explosives detection device which operates through its ability to detect the presence of Nitro Oxide ions (free radicals) within its effective range. Typically, most existing and emerging detection systems are excessively expensive and require proximity placement within 2 to 3 feet of the explosives for detection to take place. The Sniffex technology utilizes a unique detection approach: the interference between the magnetic field of the earth, the explosive and the device itself. This unique technology allows the device to penetrate and locate even small amounts of explosives through concrete and metal barriers. Unlike other devices, Sniffex can locate and find explosives from 10-100 feet, depending on the size of the explosive and the weather conditions, even when the explosive is hidden in buildings or in vehicles.

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