SOURCE: Sunlawn and GETMicrosolutions

December 20, 2007 23:50 ET

Homeowners Are Turning Over a New Leaf With Sunlawn Zero-Emission Reel Mowers & GETMicrosolutions Non-Toxic Gardening Products

FORT COLLINS, CO--(Marketwire - December 20, 2007) - Make your New Years Resolution and your garden 'green' in 2008! GETMicrosolutions and Sunlawn can help. GETMicrosolutions is a leader in green garden care products that are organic, non-toxic and highly effective. Combined with Sunlawn, America's leader in human-powered, environmentally-friendly lawn mowers, you can achieve a healthy and vibrant lawn along with the knowledge that you are living a greener lifestyle in the New Year.

"People are discovering the advantages of natural lawn care and are embracing organic growing and maintenance practices in record numbers," said Terry Jarvis, inventor of the Sunlawn mower and a pioneer in the reel mower industry. "The modern hand mower, as exemplified by the Sunlawn models, still ranks as one of the most efficient human-powered machines ever created."

Sunlawn's easy-to-push reel mowers help keep lawns healthier by cutting grass cleanly and evenly, keeping moisture in and allowing nutrients in the clippings to become natural mulch. In contrast, power rotary mowers tear rather than cut grass, leaving uneven blade tips and causing damage such as browning and scalping.

"It takes just one Sunlawn owner in each neighborhood to get the word out that push mowers are quiet, easy to use, environmentally friendly and virtually maintenance-free," he stated. "Best of all, icutting the lawn becomes a pleasant and healthy experience and a great excuse to get some fresh air."

An industry leader in the burgeoning earth-friendly lawn care products industry, GETMicrosolutions produces environmentally sound garden and pet care products that are all natural and safe with children and pets. Among their innovative offerings are GET Green and GET Growing, both designed for effective and completely non-toxic lawn care.

Developed to reduce the need for watering and avoid the use of fertilizers that contain synthetic nitrogen, GET Green boosts root growth and moisture absorption by harvesting existing nitrogen in the environment, converting it and passing it to the plant naturally. The nitrogen-fixing process removes the potential for runoff and leaching into ground water and creates healthy, beautiful gardens and lawns.

Get green in the new year -- naturally -- with earth friendly products from Sunlawn and GETMicrosolutions.

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