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May 01, 2008 13:00 ET

Homeowners Association in San Antonio, Texas Takes Steps to Protect Its Children

Traffic Logix Speed Cushions Are Used to Calm Traffic on Privately Owned Streets

SAN ANTONIO, TX--(Marketwire - May 1, 2008) - The Vineyard Homeowners Association's streets are lined with playing children and plagued by speeding cars. Since the gated community in San Antonio, TX is a private neighborhood, the maintenance, repair, and regulation of its streets are its own responsibility. When traffic on local streets increased to speeds that residents felt were unsafe, the HOA had to respond on its own. Rubber speed cushions were installed to calm traffic and protect residents.

Speed control on private HOA streets is conducted differently than on city roads. Through its Board of Directors, the Association sets speed limits, posts signs, and must enforce traffic laws on their own. The city's police department does not enforce traffic restrictions on private roads.

The community has approximately 3,000 residents and 800 homes, most of which are occupied by families with small children or teenagers. Residents requested traffic calming to prevent cars from speeding on their streets. At first, the HOA responded by reducing speed limits, placing traffic signs and conducting an educational campaign. However, after these efforts did not slow traffic, the Board decided that a physical deterrent was necessary. Asphalt speed bumps were installed but residents found them frustrating and ineffective. After conducting research on other options, the community chose to install Traffic Logix rubber speed cushions. The cushions increase in grade over a longer distance so that motorists notice them and slow down but without the abrupt feel of speed bumps.

Speed cushions are traffic calming measures that slow cars to approximately 15-20 mph. They are designed as a set of graduated speed humps and make pedestrian vehicles slow down while allowing emergency vehicles pass without affecting response time. The standard Traffic Logix cushion is 3 inches high, with a width of 6 feet and a length of 7 feet. However, since Traffic Logix products are constructed of interlocking units, they are customizable to a variety of lengths or widths in 18' increments.

Before purchasing the speed cushions, the Association contacted several other cities who had purchased Traffic Logix products. Brian Erickson, the Association Administrator, noted that those contacted spoke highly of the rubber traffic calming products, their effectiveness, and their long-lasting durability. He also commented on the excellent design and visibility of the cushions. The cushions were installed by an untrained local electrician's crew who found the cushions easy to handle and user-friendly.

Two sets of the cushions were purchased and installed on major neighborhood streets, Milan and Tealwood. Although many residents requested traffic calming, these streets chosen as the most serious speeding concerns. Both roads have long stretches of uninterrupted driving, which results in people driving faster than they should. Mr. Erickson observed that "the cushions really have made a significant difference... It would be impossible for our community patrol to be there continually writing tickets, and the cushions make sure that folks drive slower and more safely."

The response has been very positive from residents and the community. The community expects to purchase additional speed cushions, focusing installations on the spine roads that are the community's main routes. When asked about the HOA's future plans for installing Traffic Logix rubber cushions, Mr. Erickson commented, "It's not a question of if but a question of when."

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