November 05, 2007 09:45 ET

HotChalk Network, 2nd Fastest Growing Online Property, Unveils Vertical Ad Network Powered by Adify

HotChalk Network Brings Quality Education Publishers Together With Relevant Advertisers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 5, 2007) - HotChalk Network, the only online network directly targeting the education marketplace, today announced a far-reaching advertising initiative that delivers new opportunities for marketers seeking to reach the sensitive and valuable education marketplace. The HotChalk Network was the second fastest growing online property from August to September with over 6.3 million unique visitors, according to online activity monitoring and data company, comScore, Inc. comScore lists the HotChalk Network as one of the 5 largest properties in the education category.

The HotChalk Network allows HotChalk to provide its services and capabilities to the education community free of charge, while creating new revenue opportunities for advertisers and the more than 50 high-quality learning, tutorial and education Web sites in HotChalk's network. Adify Corporation is delivering the expertise, technology and services for HotChalk to create, manage and commercialize their vertical advertising solution to both advertisers and content creators.

HotChalk provides free productivity software that turns teachers, students, and parents into high-performance teams to produce measurable academic results. The company helps enhance learning among students, increase efficiency for teachers and inform and engage parents in a safe online setting. HotChalk has grown rapidly, outpacing growth in the education category 193 percent to six percent according to comScore, and is now the 150th largest online property.

HotChalk Network's publishing partners include some of the most trafficked education sites online, including,,,, and Key targetable demographics across the network include teachers, parents, students, women, family, and mothers of school-age children, a highly sought after audience. Advertisers can explore reaching HotChalk Network's audience at

"We are well aware of the need for ad revenue to support free education resources online, but not all advertising is appropriate for educational Web sites," said Edward Fields, HotChalk CEO. "We launched the HotChalk Network to bring family-appropriate campaigns to educational Web sites while delivering a comprehensive set of tools and services to monitor and optimize the campaigns for maximum success."

HotChalk is fast becoming the only place where marketers can reach out to specific education-focused audiences across a large number of educational sites.

"The HotChalk Network has simplified our task of reaching specific education-oriented audiences on quality Websites," said Ryan Clark, Account Director at youth marketing specialists Kaleidoscope Marketing Group. "The performance has exceeded our expectations. Their campaign optimization capabilities allow us to focus on the sites that are performing the best for us."

HotChalk selected Adify as the foundation for its offering. Adify enables HotChalk to forge relationships between its advertising and publisher partners by delivering the expertise, backend infrastructure and services to deliver content sponsorships, video, image and rich media advertising. Adify gives the HotChalk Network complete editorial control over advertisements that run on the sites to eliminate the possibility that an inappropriate message will reach children. Additionally, Adify provides the key network management services required to execute successful advertising campaigns, including ad management, tracking, reporting, billing, payment and technical support functions.

"HotChalk, and vertically focused communities like it, presents a great opportunity for both advertisers and publishers to connect with committed and concerned teachers, parents and students," says Russ Fradin, CEO at Adify. "Vertical ad networks are the most effective and welcome way to engage these niche audiences and thought leaders."

HotChalk's advertising services create new revenue streams for its publishing partners. Teachers, students and parents have come to rely on the technology and services the HotChalk Network provides both in the classroom and at home. Publishers interested in applying to join the HotChalk Network should visit

"We thought we were happy with our ad revenue, but we didn't know what we were missing until we signed up with the HotChalk Network," said Sylvia Anderson of "Now we're earning more ad revenue, displaying more educationally appropriate ads on our site and we don't need our own ad sales force to do it."

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HotChalk's mission is to improve the lives of teachers. HotChalk makes it possible for teachers to work together, making lesson planning, assignment distribution, collection and grading easier than ever before. HotChalk puts students in charge of their grades by giving them the information they need to manage their academic responsibilities. HotChalk makes communicating with parents easy, turning teachers, students, and parents into high-performance teams to produce measurable academic results. For more information, visit

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Adify Corporation is changing the rules of Web advertising by letting publishers of all sizes create instant vertical ad networks and create niche online communities that help advertisers connect with highly targeted audiences. Adify transforms the increasing fragmentation of the Internet into a compelling business opportunity, offering marketers the safety and reach of a branded advertising network with the quality of premium brands and properties. Through a unique mix of technology, expertise and key business services, Adify customers can rapidly define, assemble, merchandize and manage highly targeted ad networks with little or no upfront cost. Entrepreneurs and global media partners such as Comcast Corp., The Guardian, HotChalk, Houseblogs, Shelter Media, Time Warner, The Washington Post Co. and Yardbarker use Adify's solutions to extend their brands, increase their reach and grow their revenue. Adify was founded by the team that created Flycast Communications -- the first successful direct-response online advertising solution -- and is backed by blue-chip venture firms Venrock Associates and U.S. Venture Partners, as well as GE Commercial Finance, NBC Universal, Inc., and Time Warner Investments.

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