SOURCE: Author Fenorris Pearson

Author Fenorris Pearson

April 23, 2010 17:24 ET

How Can I Climb the Corporate Ladder?

Expert Reveals It's About More Than Office Politics and Brown-Nosing

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - April 23, 2010) -  It's not easy to get ahead at the office, and what's worse is that so many people proceed from the wrong assumptions in how to get this done.

That's what Fenorris Pearson -- CEO of his own company, former top executive at Dell and Motorola and author of "How to Play the Game at the Top: The 9 Rules for Consummate Corporate Effectiveness" ( -- believes after having lived through a meteoric rise to the top of the corporate world.

"It really isn't about brown-nosing or working the office politics," he said. "The people who play that game are playing the wrong game, and while they may get ahead, they will never go the distance. The real key is to be true to yourself."

Pearson's tips for getting ahead include:

  • The All-Inclusive Resume -- "Employers are looking for information that will reveal how committed you are to learning quickly and delivering results," Pearson said. "You have to create a resume that communicates that between the lines, and your demeanor must match what you have in your resume."

  • Popular Vote vs. Electoral Vote -- "In 2000, Vice President Al Gore won the popular vote in the presidential election, but not the electoral vote," Pearson explained. "More people liked Gore, but he failed to win key electoral votes, so he lost. The corporate world is similar, because your merit and abilities need to be noticed by the right people, not the majority."

  • Find a Sponsor -- "Sponsors are people in a high ranking position who can help give you a leg up in your career," he added. "They are not mentors, but rather, executives who take an active role in giving you high profile tasks and getting you noticed. They exist in every company, and they can help you achieve success if you can get on their radar screen."

"Those who are out for themselves wear their motivations like a clown suit," he said. "They may deliver results, but their motives taint their work. Employees who understand their company, mission and customers will always advance."

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Fenorris Pearson is Founder and CEO of Global Consumer Innovation (GCI), an innovative technology company, which helps organizations create shareholder value by increasing ROI and reducing risk.

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