October 30, 2007 10:44 ET

How Do Women Choose to Age?

Launched today with a new season of video "webisodes",, an online community for boomer women, asks Canadian women how they want to age

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 30, 2007) -, the first online community in Canada dedicated to boomer women and aging, launches its new season of video "webisodes" following six diverse Canadian women, who range in age from 43 to 57 years old as they explore and debate their positions on aging.

As part of the new season, an interactive poll has also being launched which asks women to describe their aging type: 'Which type are you?' The online poll asks women to choose traits, which best match their attitudes on aging: The Naturalist; Simple is Best; Practical Maintainer; Upkeep for Me; High Esthetic. Each woman from Season Two represents one of these categories ensuring every aging perspective is fairly reflected.

"We are excited about Season Two as it truly reflects the full spectrum of perspectives and often polarized attitudes that women have on aging, says Catharine Fennell, partner, SWING Think Inc. and creative director for Define "Many women are conflicted on where they stand on aging and how they chose to age. This Season captures the essence of this debate."

"We really wanted to go deeper into the aging mindset with Season Two and truly understand the inner dialogue that women have as they feel the effects of aging, " said Alan Chan, associate director of marketing, Medicis Aesthetics Canada. "With Season Two you will hear it all. The women are dynamic and different. There is something for everyone."

The first season for launched in April 2007 and followed six women as they explored their anti-aging options. In some cases the women chose to take the natural route while others pursued a cosmetic treatment.

The new season of launches this week. Visit to meet the women of Season Two and hear their thoughts on aging.

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SWINGThink is a Toronto-based marketing boutique that works with businesses to help them understand, reach and build communities of women. SWING eliminates the guesswork by bringing women into the research and marketing process early. Visit for more information.

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Medicis Aesthetics Canada is the sponsor of Medicis supports this non-branded community where you will see no product promotion of any kind. Medicis believes in investing in this dialogue between women and seeks to learn more about women and their attitudes towards aging.

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Medicis is the marketer of Restylane®, a cosmetic dermal filler that helps diminish facial lines and restore skin volume, resulting in a younger appearance. Established in the U.S. in 1988, the company is the leading independent specialty pharmaceutical company focusing primarily on the treatment of dermatological and podiatric conditions and aesthetics medicine. More information is available at or

For more information, visuals or to arrange an interview with one of the women, SWING Think Inc. or Medicis Aesthetics Canada.

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