Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited

September 15, 2005 10:27 ET

How Many Free Lightbulbs Does it Take to Change Toronto?

Toronto Hydro Launches Initiative to Kick-start the Change - Two Bulbs at
a Time

TORONTO, Sept. 15 /CNW/ - This month, Torontonians will be opening up
their electricity bills to find out the cost of the heat wave of 2005. They
will need to find new ways to conserve electricity and reduce their hydro
bills. Starting today, Toronto Hydro, in partnership with The Home Depot, will
launch the "Bright Ideas" campaign - whereby every City of Toronto household
can receive two free compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs and try them in
their homes.
The program is meant to educate the people of Toronto on ways they can
reduce their electricity consumption and save money. The program will also
foster a culture of conservation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over
5,800 tonnes. If every household in the City of Toronto swapped two regular
lightbulbs for two free CFLs, the overall electricity consumption saved would
be the approximate amount of power required for the cities of Orillia and
Stratford combined on an average day.
"Toronto's electricity consumption is high this year, mainly because
we've had such a hot summer," says David O'Brien, president and chief
executive officer, Toronto Hydro Corporation. "The City of Toronto accounts
for approximately 20% of the province's electricity load, so it is important
for residents to do their part to help reduce Toronto's energy consumption. If
everyone swaps two regular lightbulbs for two CFLs, Torontonians will see a
difference on their bills and positively impact our city's air quality."
The Bright Ideas campaign - which runs until October 30 - offers Toronto
residents the chance to take home two free CFL light bulbs by simply showing a
piece of photo ID including proof of their home address when they arrive at
their local The Home Depot store in Toronto. The program is being offered at
all 12 Toronto The Home Depot stores on alternating weeks.
Lighting makes up approximately 4-5 per cent of the average customer's
electricity use in-home, yet few homeowners have made the effort to switch to
CFL bulbs, which typically use 75 per cent less energy to achieve the same
lighting output as traditional incandescent bulbs. The life rating of the
Philips Marathon 15-Watt mini twister CFLs being given away during the
campaign is up to 6,000 hours, 6-8 times that of normal bulbs.
This program is part of Toronto Hydro's commitment to reduce peak energy
consumption in Toronto by 5 percent by 2007. To achieve this goal, the company
has dedicated $39.8 million for conservation and demand management (CDM)
programs through 2007.
"Our goal is to make CFL technology the norm in Toronto households," adds
O'Brien. "CFL bulbs will save you on average up to $27 over the life of the
bulb. If individual Torontonians replaced just 25 per cent of their regular
lightbulbs in high traffic areas with CFLs, they would reduce their lighting
electricity costs by about 50 per cent."
For more information about the Bright Ideas campaign and a full calendar
of events, visit or

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