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November 23, 2009 09:00 ET

How We Doom Our Own Dating Life and What to Do to Change That

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Life and dating coach Monica Magnetti, of Luna Coaching, says that too many people subscribe to myths or beliefs, when it comes to dating, that actually block them from finding a good match. In a recent article, she outlines three 'limiting beliefs', that hinder dating success and how to reverse them into three 'encouraging beliefs' that can be used to achieve an open and ultimately, triumphant approach to the dating game.

Limiting Dating Belief #1

Our ideal partner is our "type". We can describe their every physical detail to perfection-height, weight, eye color, hair color and length-all of which mean something about who they are.

Limiting Dating Belief #2

Our ideal partner shares all our interests, hobbies, and viewpoints. We think that something's wrong in the relationship if we don't agree on everything, if we're not "into" everything they're "into", if our partner wants to do an activity without us.

Limiting Dating Belief #3

Our ideal partner has "chemistry" with us. We know immediately if it's there or not. And when it's not, it never will be.

So, to sum it up: We want someone who looks the way we like, does all that we do, thinks and feels all that we think and feel, and gives us a jolt when we glance their way.

The real truth, however, is that every person is a multilayered, multifaceted work in progress. If you're willing to reverse your limiting beliefs in the dating and partnership realm, consider these more expansive beliefs:

Encouraging Dating Belief #1

Consider making your "type" be anyone who is self-respecting and well groomed, respects and cares about you.

Encouraging Dating Belief #2

True compatibility with an intimate partner resides in shared values and life direction rather than precisely matched interests and thoughts.

Encouraging Dating Belief #3

Sexual chemistry is exciting, but intellectual and emotional chemistry is ultimately what grounds and preserves a relationship.

What we believe, we create: we are that powerful. Dating is a game; a playing field for experimentation. Choose to approach that game with open and encouraging beliefs and lasting and meaningful matches will result. To be in a fulfilling intimate relationship, put aside all the how-to books and begin by exploring who you truly are in the now-including your limiting beliefs.

About Monica Magnetti

Monica Magnetti coaches individuals and groups in the art of living fulfilling lives, whatever that means for each one of us. She has developed the 'Get What You Want' method, which is based on the principle that, if you know yourself, you are at a place of choice from which you can easily achieve all your goals with intention. Monica's latest book, 30 DAYS TO A NEW YOU: Get What You Want Through Authentic Change, is available in bookstores and online. To learn more about Monica, her life and business coaching, and her books, visit

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