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January 07, 2008 07:00 ET

How to Find a New Job Without Annoying Your Employer

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - January 7, 2008) - The New Year brings thousands of workers who decide to look for a new job to improve their career. It is always preferred to conduct a job search while employed. Employers understand this and know that some attrition is inevitable. There are, however, ramifications to consider about how you conduct your search that will determine how your employer will respond during this transition. Here's how to tell if you're annoying your employer while looking for that new job.

How to Annoy Your Current Employer While Looking for a New Job

1.  Bad mouth your employer to customers, suppliers and co-workers.
2.  Update your resume and surf the Internet for jobs during your
    "downtime" at work.
3.  Focus your job search on your current employer's competitors and
4.  Request time-off at the last minute to go to job interviews.
5.  Use a job offer to demand a better position or higher salary with
    your current employer.

Tips for Finding a Job without Annoying Your Current Employer

1.  Maintain a good attitude and give 100 percent at work.
2.  Do not use the company Internet to search for jobs or send resumes.
3.  Use personal email and cell phone for contact with potential employers.
4.  Communicate your availability during non-work hours to discuss
5.  Be honest with your employer about your concerns and needs - you may be
    able to negotiate a "new job" with your current employer.

Depending on how you conduct your search, you could lose your job and be forced to continue your search unemployed. If you conduct your job search with integrity and discretion, you might find yourself offered a better position and salary from your current employer and eliminate the job search altogether.

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