SOURCE: Hudson Technologies

October 15, 2007 08:17 ET

Hudson Technologies Creates Energy Optimization Plan for Chrysler's Industrial Complex

Steam Energy Savings Assessment Leads to Energy Optimization Strategy for St. Louis Assembly Complex; Project to Save Up to $400,000 in Annual Energy Costs

PEARL RIVER, NY--(Marketwire - October 15, 2007) - Hudson Technologies (NASDAQ: HDSN) today announced it has completed a steam energy optimization project focusing on the boiler operations at Chrysler's St. Louis Assembly Complex. This optimization project was a follow-on to a Steam Energy Savings Assessment that Hudson performed in July 2006 as part of the U.S. Department of Energy's Save Energy Now program. Following the DOE assessment, Chrysler contracted Hudson in December 2006 to develop a policy to optimize the St. Louis Assembly Complex's boiler operation utilizing findings from the initial DOE assessment and Hudson's optimization expertise.

"Hudson worked closely with our team to create an optimization policy and train plant personnel on key operational elements," said Reginald Modlin, Director of Environmental & Energy Planning for Chrysler. "As a result of these optimization efforts, we will experience up to $400,000 in annual savings, reduced CO2 emissions, improved operational conditions, increased reliability and decreased maintenance costs at the St. Louis Assembly Complex."

After analyzing the performance of the boiler plant, Hudson created an optimized operation and load management plan to help Chrysler realize the energy and cost savings that Hudson identified. Hudson also completed a detailed analysis to accurately quantify the energy and cost benefits of the optimization strategy, which included an evaluation of any risks that may occur when implementing the policy. Hudson then offered hands-on onsite training for the boiler plant operators on the upgraded plant operations and load management plan.

"The Energy Savings Assessments offered by the U.S. Department of Energy are a great platform for Hudson to build positive and beneficial relationships with energy conscious companies like Chrysler to help them realize significant savings and operate at optimal levels," said Riyaz Papar, P.E., Director of Energy Assets and Optimization, Hudson Technologies. "This project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and produce significant energy cost savings to the St. Louis Chrysler Complex. It demonstrates the favorable economic and environmental impacts that can be achieved by obtaining a professional energy assessment and implementing energy optimization strategies."

"Industrial plants all over the United States can benefit from a Steam Energy Savings Assessment and a steam energy optimization program developed using the results of the assessment," said Kevin Zugibe, P.E., Chairman and CEO, Hudson Technologies. "These plants typically view energy as a fixed cost. However, new tools and methods have evolved to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and realize significant energy savings opportunities. With these tools and methods, the capability exists to save hundreds of millions of dollars in energy costs annually. In these times of rising energy costs and heightened environmental awareness, saving energy should be a national priority and goal. We will continue to develop products and services to help businesses enhance their energy efficiency and improve operating margins."

Hudson will continue to perform Steam Energy Savings Assessments for the DOE throughout 2007 and anticipates that other Fortune 500 companies will further utilize Hudson's expertise.

Additional information on the Department of Energy's Save Energy Now campaign can be found at:

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