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February 01, 2010 14:05 ET

Humanitaria Foundation Sponsors a Spectacular Voyaging "Peoples' Expo" to Serve the Global Needy

Fleet of New Gigantic Ships Will Continuously Sail All the World With the Support of Ordinary People as Well as Business Companies

BANTAM, CT--(Marketwire - February 1, 2010) - The Humanitaria Foundation, a legally registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization, (Established - 1989), has joined in close cooperation with WORLD SHIP FLEET to co-sponsor the "Peoples' Expo," an innovative World's-Fair-By-Sea that will offer ShipSpaceLeases to those legitimate entities seeking new global affiliations, whether for business or humanitarianism. The overall project will be presented under the name "Humanitaria • WORLD SHIP FLEET."

All nations, corporations, universities, compatible entities, nonprofit organizations, benevolent foundations, philanthropists, and international commerce operations are invited to visit the Foundation's website at: and to register for further free materials and information by clicking on a simple Feedback Form found throughout the website's many pages.

This unique humane international exposition will be composed of five, magnificent ocean-going vessels, each of which will cover one of the world's five major regions. Each will follow a pre-scheduled itinerary, for extensive visits to major ports/cities.

Aboard each vessel will be Conference Facilities, Exhibit Space, Restaurants, a Sports Competition Center, and many other attractions (as seen on the website). Although the Foundation's prime objective is to mitigate the suffering of needy people, it will serve, as well, the world's for-profit sector so that, in effect, the entire world is served. Yes, it could be said that "Humanitaria • WORLD SHIP FLEET" is certainly "For The People, By The People, And All That Lives On Earth."

Milton M. Feinberg, President of the Foundation, inventor and developer of the worthy "Humanitaria • WORLD SHIP FLEET" global project, says: "Isn't it about time the world's ordinary people have a place to express their support, (or not), for the world's vital matters? You see, by each tendering some modest yet unified support, they'd be its international catalyst! In time then, greater financial powers would 'jump on the bandwagon' for maximum support." Feinberg calculates that of the 6.2 billion people inhabiting Earth, there are about two billion ordinary people who could contribute as little as $2.00-$10.00 (or more if they like) to "light the flame." He figures that "if modest donations were made by ordinary individuals, then wealthy philanthropists, institutions, and business executives might very well recognize the worthy 'raison-d'etre' of 'Humanitaria • WORLD SHIP FLEET,' and join them for world goodness."

Of course, Feinberg is well aware of the thousands of admirable women and men that are already doing much to help those who are suffering under miserable conditions of starvation, little or no health care, nor beneficial education. Therefore, Feinberg "admonishes those millions of individuals in the world that are complacent, and do nothing, to help others."

Feinberg, after investing more than ten years of personal funds, creativity and fortitude, is now calling upon others to help realize this timely, needed project. It's a grand opportunity for you, your family, friends and associates to play an important role in the world's meaningful affairs.

A step in the right direction, by clicking: will not only help the Foundation, it will contribute to your happiness as well! Do check it out. You'll be pleased.

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