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April 13, 2010 10:49 ET

Huntington's Therapeutics Reviewed by NeuroInvestment

CARDIFF, CA--(Marketwire - April 13, 2010) - NI Research has released the April issue of NeuroInvestment. The issue features a review of Huntington's, the CNS disorder which while rare, raises more questions about genetic testing than any other: Diagnosis is certain, but so is the eventual horrific end. There is but one symptomatic treatment, Biovail/Lundbeck's Xenazine, which provides some modest improvement in the choreiform movements emblematic of HD. As of yet, nothing has been proven to alter the course of the illness, which is terminal, but can take up to two decades to complete its destructive process.

The contents of the April NeuroInvestment include:

  1. An overview of current therapeutic programs in development for Huntington's. Programs covered in the review include those from NeuroSearch, Medivation, Novartis, NeuralStem, Chaperone Therapeutics, Proteostasis Therapeutics, and Cambria Pharmaceuticals.
  2. A review of MedGenesis Therapeutix, which is developing a pressurized infusion technology that may deliver neurotrophic factors far more efficiently into the brain, improving the likelihood of clinical benefit.
  3. A post-mortem look at the failure of Pfizer/Medivation's Phase III trial of Dimebon in Alzheimer's: Where Pfizer, Medivation, their consultants, and the media, went wrong. Where the partnership goes from here.
  4. Commentary on two FDA decisions: The approval of Somaxon's Silenor, and the nonapproval of Cephalon's Nuvigil for jet leg.
  5. Commentary on the Biovail/Cortex (OTCBB: CORX) respiratory depression alliance.
  6. Elan's difficulties in understanding the concept of disclosure for material events.
  7. MAP 2010: A review of patterns of partnering and upfront licensing fee trends as an indicator of leverage afforded by completing stages of clinical development.

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