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January 29, 2010 09:00 ET

Hy9 Purifiers Eliminate Costly Desiccant in Hydrogen Generators; Payback in Less Than One Year

HOPKINTON, MA--(Marketwire - January 29, 2010) - Hy9 Corporation (, a leading manufacturer of hydrogen generators and purifiers being deployed around the world for use in portable and stationary/backup power, industrial gas and transportation applications, recommends the purchase of laboratory hydrogen generators with Palladium/Copper alloy purifiers.

Increasing scarcity of helium is raising the price for using helium as a carrier gas. Accordingly, many end-users are switching to hydrogen for carrier gas applications such as gas chromatography. Instead of purchasing a laboratory gas generator with desiccant packs, Hy9 recommends purchasing a laboratory hydrogen generator with a Hy9 palladium membrane purifier to produce your own supply of carrier gas with a purity of greater than 99.9999%. Only generators with palladium purifiers can do this -- there are no expensive desiccant packs to replace. At $140 per cartridge, it doesn't take very many cartridge changes to overcome the additional price of a generator with proven purity.

The use of palladium purifiers for laboratory gas generators is an important differentiator for customers requiring high purity hydrogen for carrier gas applications including gas chromatography and flame ionization detection, among other applications. In summary, the favorable characteristics of our palladium membrane purifiers include:

--  Simple Operation - Hy9 purifiers, as compared to other palladium
    purifiers, do not require any precautionary startup and shutdown purge
    cycles. When you need gas, turn on the generator. When you are done, turn
    it off. Nothing could be more simple;
--  Robust Design - Since being introduced eleven years ago, Hy9 has shipped
    nearly 1,000 purifiers for lab generators, which have over 3 million
    cumulative hours of operation with no known field failures;
--  Complete Line of Purifiers - Hy9 manufactures a complete line of
    hydrogen purifiers for laboratory gas generators, ranging in output
    capacity from 300 to 5,000 sccm, depending on operating conditions;
--  Low Cost - Hy9's purifiers are low cost and scalable, enabling
    compelling economics across a wide range of hydrogen output levels.

About Hy9 Corporation

Based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts (USA), Hy9 Corporation designs, manufactures and sells low-cost, high-performance hydrogen generators and purifiers for the portable and stationary/backup power, industrial gas and transportation markets. Hy9 recently introduced our HGS family of hydrogen generators for backup and stationary power, targeting wireless telecommunications and combined heat and power applications. Hy9's HGS family of hydrogen generators run on either methanol or natural gas, reliably, efficiently and cost effectively producing high purity hydrogen for PEM fuel cells. Hy9's HPS purifiers give customers the assurance that they are consistently and reliably receiving hydrogen for their applications at greater than 99.9999% purity.

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