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November 02, 2007 08:30 ET

Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies Announces First Korean Installations

Tough emissions laws makes Korea a prime market for hydrogen-based product

BOWMANVILLE, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 2, 2007) - Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies Inc. (OTCBB:HYHY) President Ira Lyons announced that, earlier today, company staff had begun installations of Hydrogen Fuel Injection (HFI) products on transport trucks in Korea, in partnership with an experienced local emissions control vendor, Winner Ltd.

The government of Korea has recently enacted legislation that has required a dramatic improvement in the exhaust emissions from transport trucks operating in the capital of Seoul and surrounding communities. Fully 70% of the land mass of Korea are covered by the new regulations, meaning that transport truck companies will have to improve their vehicles if they hope to remain viable.

Trucking companies that retrofit their vehicles with technology selected from a list of government approved products will be able to continue to operate in the new low-emission areas. The first HFI installations will be subjected to extensive trials to provide the data that Winner will utilize to have Hydrogen Fuel Injection added to the list of qualified technologies. The goal is to have that process concluded, before the end of 2007, at which time Winner will aggressively market HFI to the 360,000 trucks that are affected by the new regulations. Winner believes that, based on the costs and benefits offered by each of the approved technologies, that it could reasonably capture one third of the eligible trucks.

HFI technology is installed as an add-on to diesel and gasoline engines where it significantly reduces a wide variety of emissions (CO, PM, HC, CO2 and NOx) while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption. HFI units are being used by over 150 fleets of long-haul transport trucks, ambulances, municipal buses and other heavy equipment, earning HFI the dominant position as the world's most widely-used on-board electrolysers. The technology is based on electrolysis and the units split water, on-board the ambulance, then vent the hydrogen and oxygen directly into the air intake of the engine. Adding hydrogen significantly improves the efficiency of combustion, in the engine, with significant financial and environmental benefits.

HFI is distributed through the world's largest retail distribution network for any hydrogen product, with over 140 Certified Installation Centres all across Canada, the United States, Mexico, Korea and the United Kingdom. Geographical distribution has been expanded during 2007 and units are installed in Europe, South America and China. The product is the first emission control technology to receive "Environmental Technology Verification" (ETV) by the Canadian government and the first hydrogen technology to receive ETV recognition anywhere in the world.

Company President, Ira Lyons, said "The formal launch of the HFI technology in Korea opens another chapter in the expansion of the most cost-effective emissions control technology in the world". "Korea has adopted some of the most aggressive emissions control regulations in the world and this has ensured a keen interest and a massive potential market for our products", Lyons added.

About Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies Inc: The OEM licensee of the world's most advanced on-board hydrogen generating system, the Hydrogen Fuel Injection system. This technology is patented, or patent-pending, worldwide and has been actively marketed for over seven years. The system offers unparalleled benefits for virtually any internal combustion engine, with increased horsepower, decreased emissions and a minimum 10% improvement in fuel economy guaranteed. The company's products are marketed through a network of certified installation centres in Canada, the U.S. and around the world.

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