December 18, 2007 19:35 ET

IBM Corporate Responsibility Report Highlights Citizenship in the 21st Century

ARMONK, NY--(Marketwire - December 18, 2007) - IBM (NYSE: IBM) today issued its 2007 Corporate Responsibility Report titled "Global Citizenship," presenting the results of the company's innovative societal partnerships and its strategy to address the challenges and opportunities in an increasingly global and networked economy.

"Today's globally integrated enterprise demands a next generation of global citizenship impacting individuals, companies and the society at large," said Stanley Litow, Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs and President of the IBM International Foundation. "In this report we highlight IBM's leadership in global citizenship among these groups and the innovation and new direction we think is necessary to make progress in meeting the needs of each."

The Corporate Responsibility report highlights:

--  New leadership programs placing employees on four-week assignments in
    emerging markets to tackle real societal, education and environmental
--  Flexibility programs enabling IBM employees to devise their own work
    schedule based on their responsibilities;
--  Adult and childhood literacy programs through the expansion of Reading
    Companion to 450 sites this year;
--  Spending more than $2.3B with diverse suppliers;
--  Environmental programs including Project Big Green, a $1B initiative
    to increase the energy efficiency of the average data center by 42 percent;
--  Small business programs giving free resources and business advice to
    small business owners in emerging markets and in the U.S. to Woman, Black,
    Hispanic, Asian, and Native American small business owners; and
--  Supercomputing power to researchers through World Community Grid,
    harnessing more than 850,000 individual computers to help solve problems
    such as climate change in Africa, cancer research and drug discovery for
    dengue fever.

Also available are the following podcasts on corporate responsibility:

--  Stanley Litow, Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate
    Affairs and President of the IBM International Foundation, IBM, on the
    globally integrated enterprise;
--  Wayne Balta, Vice President of Corporate Environmental Affairs and
    Product Safety, IBM, on the environment and how IBM operations integrate
    with social value;
--  Paul Grundy, Director of Healthcare Technology and Strategic
    Initiatives, IBM, on the business value of wellness and patient centric
    care initiatives at IBM; and
--  Ron Glover, Vice President of Global Workforce Diversity, IBM, on the
    business value of diversity and flexibility in the 21st century workforce.

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