January 24, 2006 15:00 ET

IBM and Openstream Help Make It Easy to Access Information on Demand by Talking, Tapping or Typing Into Handheld Devices

Openstream Selects IBM WebSphere Everyplace Multimodal Environment to Help Make Handheld Interaction More Intuitive

ARMONK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 24, 2006 -- IBM today announced that Openstream, Inc., will embed IBM WebSphere Everyplace Multimodal software into its mobile solutions platform so users can access information on demand using multiple modes of input and output, including talking to a device or typing and tapping buttons on phones, PDAs and other devices.

IBM WebSphere Everyplace Multimodal software is built on top of IBM Embedded ViaVoice technology, offering multiple options for data entry and interaction including speech, keyboard and stylus technologies. This "multimodal" approach helps consumers use spoken commands to access e-mail, news and Web information on demand and also allows text information to be converted to speech output for listening rather than reading.

Openstream's multimodal Smart Messaging Platform solution using IBM WebSphere Everyplace Multimodal Environment can provide speech capability to mobile applications specifically designed for consumer and enterprise devices with small screens and limited input methods. For example, users can access information related to executed trades, stock quotes, portfolio and market news by talking to their devices and listening to what the system finds.

Heightened demand for mobile access to information and services requires the deployment of more mobile friendly applications. Openstream creates solutions providing personalized on demand information to professionals who need to have access to critical enterprise applications and intelligence to make informed business decisions.

Mobile workers do not have the resources -- time and staff -- to manually search and monitor a wide range of information. Instead, they need to be able to automatically access it through a range of devices, some smaller than the palm of their hand. Minimizing interaction time and making interfaces more natural is critical, given the smaller size of handheld devices. A combination of speech and stylus or keypad input can provide more natural interaction speeding mobile tasks.

Users select sources, applications and presentation methods such as speech, visual-text, SMS, e-mail and others. They then choose criteria for monitoring events of interest and how often to receive intelligence. Openstream's solutions using the SMP Rules-engine can make it easy to find the needed information, help reduce the complexity and help deliver it in a timely and convenient manner.

IBM WebSphere Everyplace Multimodal Environment software requires no speaker training, so it can be used immediately. The technology uses XHTML+Voice (X+V), which is based on approved W3C® recommendations.

"As a leading company in HVAC business for 38 years, we are constantly looking to increase productivity of our excellent team of field-technicians and trim costs, without having to turn our field-force into computer programmers," said Wade Mayfield, Vice President, Thermal Services, Inc. "Thanks to IBM & Openstream multimodal solutions, our service technicians can use voice commands, typing and tapping on drop down boxes to navigate through our system. This paperless and wireless solution gives us the ability to dispatch technicians, quote pricing, scan inventory on and off the truck, update pricing through the inventory data base, capture customers' signatures, accept different payment methods and get it up-to-the-minute. This type of easy-to-use common sense approach to business is why we have aligned ourselves with IBM and Openstream for our field force automation project."

"Our goal as an online brokerage company is to provide our clients with all the information they need when they need it," said Narashimha Shenoy, Executive Director, "Providing actionable information to our clients in realtime whether they are on the move or at their desk is critical to meeting this goal. The innovative multimodal solutions from Openstream and IBM make it easy for us to satisfy the needs of our ever-growing mobile customers."

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