November 16, 2005 10:24 ET

IBM POWER5 Systems Continue to Demonstrate Performance Leadership

ARMONK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 16, 2005 -- IBM today announced a new industry record SPECjbb2005 benchmark result with the IBM eServer p5 570 1.9 GHz 16-core server originally announced in July, 2004. IBM has introduced over 70 industry-leading benchmark results(1) since the original eServer p5 announcement, continuing to demonstrate the leadership of the POWER architecture. IBM's POWER4™ systems, introduced in 2001, were the industry's first dual-core systems and the POWER5™ and POWER5+™ servers continue the performance and price/performance leadership first established with POWER4 servers.

SPECjbb2005 evaluates the performance of a server running typical Java™ business applications by simulating an order processor for a wholesale supplier. It also measures the performance of CPUs, caches, memory hierarchy and the scalability of shared memory processors (SMPs).

The IBM eServer p5 570 16-core SPECjbb2005 result of 244,361 business operations per second (bops) surpassed Sun's new dual-core UltraSPARC IV+ based Sun Fire E6900 32-core result of 241,560 bops. The eServer p5 570 SPECjbb2005 result also doubles Sun's 16-core Sun Fire V890 result.(2)

This leadership result adds to previously published IBM eServer p5 results which also outpace Sun's recently published results. For example, IBM has also bested the Sun Fire V890 16-core system's SPECint_rate result of 175 by 36% with the IBM eServer p5 575 1.5 GHz 16-core system's recently announced result of 238.(3) The IBM eServer p5 595 1.9 GHz 64-core POWER5 server beats Sun's E20K 1.5 GHz 72-core UltraSPARC IV+ server by 55% on SPECint_rate.(4) IBM has also demonstrated a price/performance advantage of 47% with a performance advantage of 69% in the TPC-H 3 terabyte benchmark versus the Sun E25K 72-core server with the IBM eServer p5 595 system's result of 100,512 QphH at $53.00 per QphH.(5)

"This benchmark result is but one more example of undisputable POWER5 performance leadership, which has been changing the server landscape since its introduction in July 2004," said Karl Freund, vice president, pSeries, IBM. "Once again we demonstrate that IBM servers outperform the competition while using far fewer processors, or 'cores', to achieve record results. This directly translates to large cost savings for our clients, and has fueled our market share growth for 3 straight years."

Customers across multiple industries also see the benefits IBM's advantages provide. According to IDC, IBM POWER servers have seen remarkable revenue share growth and the POWER architecture is now an industry leading 64-bit architecture. Since the announcement of the POWER5 processor in August 2004, IBM has increased its UNIX revenue share to 31.8 percent according to IDC. In Q205, according to IDC, IBM was the number one UNIX server vendor based on revenue share, compared to Sun and HP.(6)

IBM holds the world record 3.2 million tpmC TPC-C result. There has been no Sun TPC-C result since September, 2001 against which to make any comparison.(7)

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Benchmark Footnotes:

All results current as of November 10, 2005.

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(3) Comparison based on SPECint_rate Sun V890 16-core 1.5 GHz result of 175 vs. IBM eServer p5 575 16-core 1.5 GHz result of 238. Source:

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(7) Based on IBM eServer p5 595 64-core TPC-C result of 3,210,540 tpmC at $5.19/tpmC (result date of 11/18/04, availability date of 05/14/05). Source:

SPEC, SPECjbb, are reg ™ of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation.

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