August 12, 2008 14:23 ET

IPEX Introduces EnviroStream Catch Basin Inserts-the Next Generation in BMP Stormwater Systems

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 12, 2008) - IPEX is pleased to announce the launch of the next generation in BMP Stormwater treatment technology: the EnviroStream Stormwater Treatment System.

Vital to life, water is our most precious natural resource and in many North American municipalities, stormwater flows untreated into our lakes and rivers. This stormwater runoff carries trash, oil and harmful pollutants, destroying fragile ecosystems and polluting the very water we drink.

Considered a Best Management Practice, EnviroStream can be installed in almost any new or preexisting catchbasin to filter the stormwater as it enters the sewer system. The full unit consists of a two-stage catch basin collection process: first, a large debris basket collects litter and leaves; then, a fine filtration assembly captures salt, oil and grease. Because these finer pollutants permanently attach to the filtration medium, they cannot leach back into storm water channels. EnviroStream filters up to 98% of inorganic solids virtually eliminating trash and hydrocarbons and can be customized to meet your site specific requirements.

After using the EnviroStream system, Gerry LeMay, Municipal Supervisor for the City of Belleville, Ontario described the units as "a godsend, picking up an astonishing amount of salt and sand and entirely outstripping initial performance expectations."

The specially designed EnviroStream System eliminates any risk of clogging or ponding and will retain pollutants even in the heaviest rainfall event. The system drains completely dry to prevent dangerous bacterial and mosquito breeding grounds and eliminates the need for pesticide and biocide treatment of the sewer system.

Without regular maintenance any stormwater system will eventually fail. Maintenance of the EnviroStream system doesn't require specially trained personnel or costly equipment such as a vacuum truck. A single person can perform the task in less than a half hour. But if required, skilled contractors are available to perform the maintenance and conduct testing to ensure that your systems remain in compliance.

The IPEX EnviroStream Stormwater treatment system provides a superior best management practice that is effective, easy to install and simple to maintain. For more information on the EnviroStream system, visit our website at www.ipexinc.com.

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