August 29, 2005 11:10 ET

ISR, Callison Architecture Create Partnership to Address Thermal Problems in Data Centers

Callison to Integrate ISR's SprayCool™ System Solutions in Data Center Design

LIBERTY LAKE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 29, 2005 -- ISR, the maker of SprayCool™ technology and products, today announced a partnership with Callison Architecture, an industry expert in data center design and deployment, to provide consulting services for data center facility development and operations.

Through the partnership, ISR and Callison will help companies solve complex thermal problems in data centers by implementing SprayCool solutions.

"Data centers are particularly vulnerable to the issue of excessive heat, making them inefficient and expensive to operate," said Rob Savette, general manager of ISR's commercial division. "Traditional cooling systems cannot eliminate these heat issues in an efficient or cost-effective manner. As a result, other problems, such as noise, space and reliability are magnified. This combination severely impacts data center performance, which ultimately impacts a company's bottom line."

According to a 2005 article published by eWeek, companies are seeking hardware and software solutions to help companies "handle growing problems with heat in data centers. The focus comes at a time when the promise of greater computing power is being thwarted by the increased heat generated by faster processors and denser form factors."

SprayCool technology uses liquid evaporation, or phase change, of dielectric fluid to cool electronics. This provides revolutionary improvements in performance over existing cooling technology, enabling greater capabilities in electronics design. Data-center operators, for example, see a three-fold improvement in computing power after the installation of systems that use SprayCool technology.

"Callison is recognized as an international leader in data center design," Savette said. "By integrating SprayCool technology and our systems solutions into their design capabilities, we can offer companies a very compelling value proposition to solve heat issues and other problems in their data centers."

"We are very impressed with ISR's SprayCool technology and the numerous benefits it offers," said Leonard Ruff, Associate Principal of Callison Architecture. "The use of SprayCool products in the data center reduces the amount of power used per server for cooling, increases the number of servers that can be powered per rack, and dramatically increases the amount of computing power than can be put into existing data centers and racks."

Ruff said Callison analyzed the potential return on investment of implementing SprayCool technology into commercial data center design. In addition to the three-fold increase in computer power after installing the technology, the report also found the following:

--  Significant gain in available processing capacity with no increase in
    data center area and a much shorter implementation schedule than
    constructing a new data center.
--  Increased energy efficiency resulting in lower utility costs, which
    becomes increasingly significant as utility rates rise.
--  A higher critical load density, up to 400 wpsf, in the data center
    environment, which enables deployment of advanced server technologies.
--  High potential to extend the useful life of many data center
    facilities which may be limited by space or cooling constraints.
"Through this partnership, companies have access to expertise and comprehensive data center solutions from a trusted supplier as well as a leader in disruptive thermal technology," Savette said. "This creates an integrated solution that provides the benefits of SprayCool technology and also synchronizes with their existing data center strategy and investment."

About ISR, Inc.

ISR, Inc. uses its innovative technology, SprayCool™, to revolutionize how electronics are packaged, powered and cooled. It is the leading technology that is enabling the development and delivery of electronic system solutions for problems with heat, noise, space and reliability. ISR, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered near Spokane, Wash.

About SprayCool™ System Solutions

SprayCool System Solutions use a fine mist of liquid, sprayed in a thin layer, which evaporates, to cool electronics. The process continuously cycles within a closed loop system. SprayCool changes the geography of electronics, resulting in cooler, quieter, more powerful, and more durable electronic devices. Companies are using SprayCool System Solutions to enable the next generation of electronics.

About Callison Architecture, Inc.

Callison has been building mission critical facilities since 1986, for clients such as Microsoft, Washington Mutual, MCI, and Starbucks. By analyzing critical issues that include business continuity, disaster planning, growth, survivability and efficiency, Callison delivers a data processing structure as robust as the systems it protects. Based in Seattle, Callison is one of the largest architectural design firms in the United States with more than 500 professional staff. For more information, please visit our website at

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