February 25, 2010 09:00 ET

IXIASOFT DITA CMS Solution v2.8 Now Available

IXIASOFT's latest version of the DITA CMS solution provides extensive reporting capabilities and critical ROI metrics

MONTREAL, CANADA--(Marketwire - Feb. 24, 2010) - IXIASOFT, the XML content management market leader, announced today the availability the DITA CMS v2.8 solution. With this new version, organizations can further leverage the topic-oriented architecture of DITA through IXIASOFT's specialized DITA CMS solution.

IXIASOFT's DITA CMS is a content management solution enabling technical communicators to author, manage and publish their DITA content efficiently. This new version has already been deployed at customers such as AMD and Sybase

Highlights of the DITA CMS v2.8 include:

Full reporting engine - the DITA CMS now allows organizations to perform data-mining operations on the CMS database to generate a rich variety of reports including lists, charts (ie. pie, line and bar charts), crosstabs, and compounds reports. The DITA CMS reporting engine is based on Eclipse's BIRT Report Designer. Examples of reports which organizations might be interested in:

  • Topic reuse rate
  • Average time for DITA object to complete a workflow approval cycle
  • Number of new content created per month, per user
  • Amount of topics sent to translation
  • Average file size

Branching - branching lets users create a new, editable version of a previously published/versioned map. When users branch a map, the DITA CMS creates a new copy of the map and all its documents and automatically takes care of all external references. Users will then be able to modify portions of the map's content without affecting the original published material.

Enhanced search options – since search is a key feature of the DITA CMS, IXIASOFT is constantly looking for new search features that make their customers more productive and efficient while searching and reusing their content. More specifically, the DITA CMS v2.8 now enables users the ability to save and share search queries amongst other users of the CMS. A new global search and replace feature is also available in this new release for users to quickly manipulate text or metadata content.

Categorization – this new feature allows users to add "document labels" to any document in the repository. These document labels will be indexed by the DITA CMS and available as search filters and as a displayed column in the DITA Map view and/or the search results.

Other features:

  • Image thumbnail preview – by scrolling over images in the search result list, users can easily preview their images with the thumbnail preview (which can also be turned off).
  • Printable map trees – it is now possible to print the DITA Map tree view, complete with all topics (and their associated metadata for example) so that users can quickly review the structure.
  • Map delta  - this feature allows users can quickly see which topics have changed since their last authoring cycle.

"This version of the DITA CMS provides exciting new features that our customers have been asking for and allows them to further enhance their productivity and reuse strategy." said Eric Bergeron, President of IXIASOFT. "We are particularly happy about our reporting engine which is a very powerful tool as it allows project managers to easily create reports and demonstrate precise ROI metrics about their DITA strategy."

The IXIASOFT DITA CMS v2.8 is currently available and has been deployed at various customer sites.


IXIASOFT is a leading provider of XML content management software to organizations worldwide. IXIASOFT is the developer of TEXTML Server, a native XML database and search engine used to store, index and retrieve large volumes of XML content. IXIASOFT also offers the DITA CMS, a content management solution designed specifically to author, manage, review, localize and publish DITA-based technical documentation. IXIASOFT enjoys a global customer base in various vertical industries including newspaper & publishing, technical documentation, software/hardware manufacturers and libraries & education.

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