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February 06, 2006 15:31 ET

Identity Theft Hits Hollywood: A New Film Dramatizes How Devastating It Can Be

Millions of consumers and businesses have been affected by security breaches, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Identity theft has gotten so widespread that Hollywood has taken notice. A new move called "Firewall," dramatizes how devastating it can be. Harrison Ford plays a bank computer security expert who has his identity stolen, and his family is being threatened by kidnappers. He does what anyone would him to do in that situation: fight back. He logs onto equifax dot com. Why? The co-writer and director of the movie, Richard Loncraine, explains.

"The only company that I knew of for checking your online credit was Equifax."

Equifax.com also offers a resource called Equifax Credit Watch Gold with three-in-one monitoring. This service can help alert you to key changes in your credit file reported by all three major credit reporting companies. In the meantime, don't get caught outside the firewall.

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