Nurun Inc.

Nurun Inc.

July 22, 2009 11:28 ET

If Content Is King, Then Participation and Engagement Are the Newest Members of the Royal Court

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - July 22, 2009) -

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Remember when building a corporate Web site was as simple as mimicking your company brochure? Gone are the days where your Web site was merely a mirror of your corporate brochure; today's Holy Grail is more about participation and engagement in an ecosystem in which healthy debate is fostered, communities come to life, and most of all, information flourishes. This isn't done with fluffy marketing speak or flashy press kits.

Today, Nurun (, a global interactive marketing agency, is leveraging the intelligence of its community through its new agency Web site. From eCommerce to global brands and how to build them online, the basis of Nurun's new site is a community-based platform where discussions can begin and healthy debate can thrive. This new platform - like Nurun's global footprint - knows no boundaries and is illustrated on the site which features videos in French, Spanish, and Italian.


Here's what the experts are saying:

- Look to people visiting your site to help create your content. Create a community where consumers feel comfortable sharing the good, the bad, the ugly. You may not always agree with them, but you'll learn something along the way - about your customers and your brand.

"Social media and all that it entails-blogs, wikis, podcasting, networking sites, video-sharing, and so forth-has grown beyond a flash in the pan fad, or something that marketers and advertisers should consider participating in; it is now a full-fledged, concrete phenomenon, and absolutely essential to reach and retain customers in the online environment and beyond ... If your content is good, your users will share and build on it." (eMarketer, "A Social Media Primer," October 2008).

- "When you look at the brands that have really made a name for themselves online, it's brands that have fostered participation," said Jacques-Herve Roubert, president and CEO, Nurun. "What we've done with the Nurun Web site is engage in a transparent ecosystem with an open platform where anyone interested in the issues related to the interactive landscape can discuss and share opinions in a very real and honest environment."

- Sites - especially the corporate ones - will go back to their simple basics as consumers, more and more, will lean on them to exchange valuable information in community-based ecosystems.

"As content on sites becomes more targeted and based around visitors and community, corporate Web sites will begin to distribute content to people as they need it instead of forcing them to sift through complex site experiences. As a result, users will need to rely less on search and surfing to get information and will lean more on sharing their needs in exchange for receiving information that fits their behaviors, preferences, and community." (Forrester Research Inc., "The Future of the Social Web", April 2009)


According to Jean-Pascal Mathieu, vice president of strategy at Nurun, "Web 2.0 is dead because it's everywhere. Discover content, share content, discuss content, create content; should it be about friends, vacations, business, products, or brands. That is what is now considered a good experience - sitting in front of a screen, discussing these topics - all at the point of need. The new site is designed to function more like a media property where people can find information than it is to be a 'look-at-me' showcase."

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