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January 17, 2007 12:33 ET

If Cupid had Scentuelle, he wouldn't need arrows

A breakthrough new product helps women rediscover their sensuality

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HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, PRODUCT ALERT--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 17, 2007) - Is feeling sexy just a memory? You're not alone. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, millions of women long to re-ignite the passion they enjoyed during those first heady days of their relationship. But for a growing number of women, their desires are overwhelmed by their increasingly busy lives. They get lost to deadlines and schedules, crying babies and expanding waistlines, menopause and aging. The reasons for their flagging libidos are as long as their to-do lists.

But new research in the emerging science of aromachology has shown that a woman's sense of smell is the gateway to increased desire and sexual well-being. Recently introduced to North America, the Scentuelle patch consists of a complex combination of scent molecules that stimulate the libido by targeting the brain's smell receptors. It reproduces the effect of the body's 'feel good' hormone, dopamine, which controls sexual desire.

It was the answer for 53 year old Linda Ryan. Going through menopause and frustrated with a waning libido, Ryan wasn't interested in taking controversial hormone replacement therapy. Instead she turned to Scentuelle.

"For me, the effect was very obvious," says Ryan. After just three weeks on the patch, she started feeling more relaxed and sexy. In fact, she felt so good that Ryan and her partner negotiated the rights to bring Scentuelle to North America.

"I'm not the only one dealing with a fading libido," says Ryan. She was right. Less than a year after being introduced in Europe, over a quarter of a million women were using the product.

"Smell has been the most enigmatic and least understood of all our senses but its importance to our quality of life is incalculable," explains Dr. George Dodd, a biochemist and the head researcher on the Scentuelle development team.

Simply place the small, transparent patch in a discreet place, such as the inside of the wrist, and smell it regularly throughout the day. Scentuelle begins to work from the first sniff and its effect is cumulative, building to an optimum level after three weeks. Nothing enters the bloodstream so there are no side effects and a doctor's prescription is not required. Currently Scentuelle is only available online at:

With Cupid just around the corner, it's time for women to start feeling sexy again. Scentuelle can make this a Valentine's Day to remember - and keep that passion burning all year-round.

Scentuelle Fact Sheet

- Scentuelle is the result of 18 months of research by one of the world's leading olfaction authorities, Dr. George Dodd.

- Our sense of smell is directly linked to the area of the brain that controls memories. Memories triggered by smell are more emotional than those triggered by other senses.

- Scentuelle goes straight into our limbic system - the part of the brain that deals with feelings of happiness and pleasure, including our sex drive.

- The heart notes of Scentuelle constitute a blend of nanometre-sized scent molecules which mimic the size, shape and electrical charge of dopamine.

- Scentuelle is not a drug. The transparent patch is non-transdermal - nothing enters the bloodstream. It has no reported side effects.

- Unlike prescription drugs, topical creams and pills that focus on intercourse and climax, Scentuelle is designed to provide a feeling of sexual well-being all day long.

- The patch incorporates three layers: 1) adhesive and skin barrier, 2) the aroma molecule formulation, 3) a slow release permeable layer.

- Each package contains 30 patches (one months supply) and costs $38.95. No prescription is required.

- Scentuelle is being launched in Canada by The Orion Group Ltd, a Nova Scotia-based company. It is available in Europe, South Africa and the USA.

- Currently only available through the company website:

- Further information, FAQs, user testimonials and Press Kit are available on

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