Ikalia Sarl

November 18, 2009 20:31 ET

Ikalia Launches Bazibaza Media, the First Search Engine Designed Specifically for TV Professionals

THONES, FRANCE--(Marketwire - Nov. 18, 2009) - A global internet is a good thing until the first time consumers try to search for a general service, product or piece of media information on the web and have to wade through hundreds of pages to find what they need. The new Bazibaza Media is designed to pick up where global search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing stop, giving web surfers exactly what they ask for the first time, every time.

"Our team of experts determined the relevant categories to apply to each of the collected Websites," says manager Georges Rivalin. "And as we "talk" the same language, each given filter makes immediate sense to (industry) professionals."

Bazibaza Media focus on distribution of TV channels through any platform, country or technical means, including:

- Video on demand, Video applications on mobile phones

- Software, middleware and hardware supply

- Satellite operations

- Professional products (Set-top-box, cable, dishes, receivers, servers)

- Social networks, online media (including magazines)- Professional associations and organizations. Events and awards

- Production and distribution of content (movies, formats, animation, documentaries...)

- Consultancy and lawyers advice specialized in media, legislation, glossaries, copy right issues

The filters on the Bazibaza search engine are designed to help cut out the confusion of irrelevant results by allowing searchers to localize their results using pre-selected countries.

"Refined searches on specific terms like Ku Band, Headend, encryption or mpeg 4 will bring the visitor the exact results he can expect from a top expert in each of these topics," says manager Georges Rivalin. "And the power of the filters is even more impressive on general terms like footprint, newsletter, animation or interactive."

The Bazibaza media engine particularly emphasizes easy search access to information on today's hottest technologies, including 3D, HD, wireless, IPTV and quad play. The company hopes to eventually provide its users with daily news, blogs and other personalized services that will usher in the era of the Web 3.0.

Bazibaza is headquartered in France, with offices in the USA, China and Thailand. The company, which is run by Ikalia SARL, specializes in powering niche industry search engines like Bazibaza Media.

For more information on the Bazibaza Media search engine visit them on the web at www.media.bazibaza.com.

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