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February 19, 2010 03:00 ET

Immigration Set to Become an Election Issue as UK Immigration Statistics Underestimate Population by at Least Ten Percent in Some Areas

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 19, 2010) - UK immigration is set to become an issue in the forthcoming election as three councils dispute official UK immigration statistics, claims world leading immigration company Global Visas. While government ministers are using the data to claim that many Eastern European immigrants only stayed in the country for a short time, some councils are challenging the figures and claiming that immigrants are still arriving.

Peterborough City, Boston, and Slough councils have all claimed that official UK immigration statistics underestimate the population in their areas by at least ten percent, resulting in pressure on services. All three areas have seen large influxes of immigrants from other parts of the EU in recent years and the Slough chief executive has claimed that, although immigrants may not be arriving as quickly as previously, more are still coming. The experience of these councils is reinforced by others such as Westminster City and Hillingdon which have long maintained that the Government's figures underestimate the population in their areas.

Speaking to a local government news website, the affected councils complain that underestimating the population leads to their areas being deprived of their full budget allocations for health, education, policing, and council services. One head teacher in Boston has told a national newspaper that half of her students come from overseas, and that this will soon reach sixty percent. A spokesman for Peterborough City Council has also stated that, although services have held up so far, "the cracks are beginning to show".

Coming as they do shortly before a General election, these claims suggest that UK immigration could well become an election issue, and that the official UK immigration statistics are lacking credibility.

Liam Clifford from UK immigration experts and world leading immigration company Global Visas commented, "Considering the scale of these discrepancies, the political sensitivity of immigration and an imminent election, immigration is set to become an important topic in the coming months."

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