January 05, 2005 04:01 ET

In Full Color: Logitech Harmony 880 Remote Simplifies HDTVs, PVRs




JANUARY 5, 2005 - 04:01 ET

In Full Color: Logitech Harmony 880 Remote Simplifies

LAS VEGAS--(CCNMatthews - Jan 5, 2005) -

Color Screen and Advanced Navigation Make Child's Play of Complicated
New Home-Entertainment Systems

At the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show, Logitech (Nasdaq:LOGI) (SWX:LOGN)
will preview a new universal remote control optimized for people buying
complicated new HDTVs and personal video recorders (PVRs). With a large
color display, the new Logitech® Harmony® 880 advanced remote
control offers enhanced navigation that simplifies the use of these new
home-entertainment systems. Slated for availability in April, the new
remote is the first to leverage Logitech's renowned design expertise to
make the Harmony remote even more stylish and intuitive, so
home-entertainment can be fun and relaxing.

"People buying a high-definition TV today are likely to be frustrated by
all the adjustments they have to make every time they simply want to
switch from watching a TV program to watching a DVD," said Bryan McLeod,
vice president of Logitech's remote control division. "These new
home-entertainment devices are complicated, especially for the family.
The Harmony 880 remote can take the headaches and confusion away."

Maintaining the same comfort-grip design as previous models of Harmony
remotes, the new Harmony 880 features a vibrant, color LCD and finely
sculpted buttons that make selecting an activity a breeze. Colorful
icons now accompany text on the LCD screen to allow for quick and easy
command of home entertainment equipment. The remote is also
rechargeable, eliminating the need to change batteries. When the remote
is not in use, it rests on an attractive charging platform. Those with
an eye for design will also be drawn to the polished chrome directional
pad and buttons, contrasted by the remote's glossy black and brushed
grey finishes.

The Harmony remote solves a problem that is prevalent in the modern-day
living room: too many complicated remote controls. It has the ability to
control any component with an infrared receiver. After an intuitive,
Internet-powered setup, any family member or guest can use the Harmony
remote without guesswork or frustration. Selecting an activity -- such
as watching a DVD or watching TV -- requires pressing just one button.
Logitech's patented Smart State Technology allows the Harmony remote to
easily control a home entertainment system by knowing how components are
connected, the status of each device and any given time, and how to
direct each component.

The color display has eight buttons, four located on the left and right
sides, which together serve as a personalized activity control center.
During setup, background images can be downloaded to fit personal
preference. To optimize visual navigation, on-screen icons and text
describe specific activities, such as watching TV or listening to music.
The remote is fully backlit so it's easy to navigate in the dark. When
their eyes are glued to the television, people can find useful buttons
effortlessly, by touch. The primary navigation controls -- such as play,
pause, record and the number buttons -- are easily identified by feel
due to their varied size, shape and location.

With rechargeable lithium ion batteries, the Harmony 880 remote will
never require new batteries. Meanwhile, the stylish recharging station
provides a home for the remote so that the whole family knows where to
put and find it. Oriented horizontally, the recharging platform fits in
a subtle, yet attractive manner on either a side table, or atop the
entertainment stack.

Smart State Technology

Powered by the patented Smart State Technology, Harmony remote controls
are designed to work the way people think, requiring just one click of a
button to initiate a home-entertainment activity. For example, to watch
TV on a satellite system with a personal video recorder (PVR), the TV,
receiver, satellite, and PVR box may all have to be powered up and set
to the right inputs. A Harmony remote can send all of the appropriate
infrared (IR) commands with one touch. Without the Harmony remote, the
activity might require pressing 10 or more buttons on several remote

All Harmony remotes are Internet-powered: they use a USB connection to
interface with the PC. They are easily programmed through a shared,
online database containing information about tens of thousands of home
stereo equipment and remote controlled devices. All Harmony customers
have their own online home page that details their exact setup, which
can easily be updated or modified when they purchase new equipment for
the system.

Pricing and Availability

The Harmony 880 remote is expected to be available beginning in April in
North America and in May in Europe. The suggested retail price is
expected to be $249.95 in the U.S.

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