November 17, 2009 08:49 ET

InXpo Makes Webcasting More Interactive and Engaging With XpoCast Plus

Leading Virtual Events Provider First to Combine Simple, Easy, and Reliable Webcasting With the Latest Audience Engagement Tools Available

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - November 17, 2009) - InXpo (, the leading provider of virtual events and virtual business environments, today announced the introduction of XpoCast Plus, an easy-to-use webcasting service which allows organizations to deliver webcasts that are more engaging and interactive. With XpoCast Plus' step-by-step wizard and simple presenter tool, organizations can quickly and easily create highly engaging, cost-effective webcasts in just a few minutes for lead generation and marketing programs, corporate communications, internal communications, and educational training sessions. Unlike traditional one-to-many webcast products on the market today, XpoCast Plus is the first webcasting product to incorporate new interactivity features, such as group chat and one-to-one chat, to engage audiences.

"InXpo's webcast service is very impressive and offers a unique environment for hosts to interact and engage with audiences," said Ken Molay, president of Webinar Success and leading expert on webinars and webcasting. "XpoCast Plus' screen sharing performance is among the best that I've seen, and the integration of Web access inside an event with live and recorded video allows for compelling multimedia collaboration."

Simple, Easy and Cost-Effective Webcasting

XpoCast Plus incorporates a simple and easy user interface. By eliminating the need for specialized skills, XpoCast Plus allows organizations to quickly and easily launch webcasting programs without the hassle of expensive engineering, production services or complicated training sessions:

  • Step-by-Step Wizard Set-Up: Speakers can easily set-up and customize a webcast with InXpo's step-by-step wizard. With just a few clicks, a host can modify colors and styles, upload corporate branding, embed banner messaging throughout the experience, and define custom exit actions after the webcast concludes such as driving audiences to participate in a group video chat or to complete a survey form.
  • Self-Service Media Editor: Quickly edit and post content with XpoCast Plus' new self-service media editor. Presenters seamlessly make audio edits, splice in media, modify cue points or make other basic editing adjustments without requiring any costly post-production assistance.
  • Webcam Audio and Video Capture: Presenters have the ability to capture and broadcast high quality audio and video streams with just a webcam, eliminating the need for expensive studio equipment or a studio rental. This is ideal for executive announcements, education and training sessions, or corporate communications.

More Engaging Experience

While most webcasts limit audience participation to text-based Q&A, polls and surveys, XpoCast Plus provides corporations with the latest audience engagement tools to increase an audience's interactions with a company's corporate branding and messages:

  • PowerSlide Brings Slide Viewing Area to Life: PowerSlide allows the slide area to play YouTube videos, share desktops, run interactive product demonstrations, display live Twitter streams, or render any live Web page with just a click of the mouse. For example, the presenter can push an ROI calculator to the slide area and every person on the webcast can independently interact with the calculator until the presenter moves to the next slide.
  • Social Media Features: Presenters can receive real-time feedback from audiences from chat rooms, ratings, blogs and audience comments, which enables presenters to adjust content on-the-fly to match audience needs. Furthermore, all activity is captured by InXpo's backend reporting that provides marketers with deep insight into their audiences to better identify and qualify sales leads; thereby accelerating lead generation activities.
  • Optional 3D Virtual Theater and Lobby: Instead of greeting audience members with music or a faceless host, corporations have the option of presenting an immersive virtual theater and lobby when audiences enter the webcast environment. Audience members can engage with one another and company representatives via a group chat and one-on-one chat. The environment can also be customized with banner ads, marquee messages and pre-loaded briefcases with brochures and whitepapers that further increase corporations' brand awareness.

InXpo's Webcasting Products: Pricing & Availability

XpoCast Plus combines the webcasting features of XpoCast, InXpo's standard webcasting product, with enhanced audience interactivity and self-service tools within an optional 3D Virtual Theater and Lobby. XpoCast includes the ability to present audio or video webcasts live, on-demand or pre-recorded with live questions & answers. Webcasting features include text-based questions & answers, polls and surveys, and corporate branding.

XpoCast and XpoCast Plus are ideal for organizations with ongoing webinar and webcast programs for corporate communications, lead generation and marketing programs, and education and training. Available immediately, XpoCast Plus begins at $1,000 for webcasts with the optional 3D Theater and Lobby starting at $5,000 plus services.

Download the XpoCast Plus data sheet for more information:

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