April 01, 2010 08:06 ET

Include iGo Universal Chargers in Disaster Emergency Kits to Help Stay Connected to Friends and Family

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - April 1, 2010) -  While many disaster and emergency kits might include water, food, a flashlight and a first aid kit, it is also important that your household has a way to stay connected to friends and family and to keep current on breaking news during an emergency. With consumers relying heavily on their mobile phones, a battery-powered universal charger like the iGo Charge Anywhere or the iGo PowerXtender should be included in every disaster emergency kit.

Keeping a universal charger in emergency kits, like the iGo Charge Anywhere and the iGo PowerXtender, ensures that mobile phones and smart phones are charged, even when you lose power in an emergency.

Compatible with almost every electronic device on the market, the iGo Charge Anywhere is a wall charger and backup battery in one unit that simultaneously powers two devices at once without a wall outlet. With collapsible wall blades that easily fold away, the iGo Charge Anywhere stores enough energy in its integrated lithium-ion battery to provide up to two full charges to most mobile devices before you need to recharge it. Using iGo's interchangeable power tips, the charger is compatible with nearly every mobile device on the market. In a disaster or an emergency, the universal charger can power all of your electronic devices, even when you don't have power.

But if power is out for more than a day or two, battery powered chargers are the best way to keep your devices charged. The iGo PowerXtender keeps your devices powered up using two AA batteries and iGo's interchangeable power tips. Simply choose the appropriate iGo tip for your device and attach it to either the iGo Charge Anywhere or the iGo PowerXtender.

As space in emergency kits becomes more and more valuable, both the iGo Charge Anywhere and the iGo PowerXtender are the perfect additions to emergency kits as the universal chargers take up minimal space and can power almost every phone, smartphone, MP3 player, GPS unit or other mobile device.

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