SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

November 25, 2008 18:15 ET

Increase Employee Productivity With Automatic Defrag

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - November 25, 2008) - As anyone who has worked in an office knows, there are two basic kinds of workers: those that get the job done, and those that have to be pushed and prodded to keep them at their tasks and away from the water cooler. Since the amount of products produced or services delivered directly impacts the bottom line of a company, managers are constantly monitoring employees to make sure they're accomplishing their assigned duties.

So it's tough enough getting everything done that needs doing. The last thing an enterprise needs is some other factor interfering with production, something that will impede even the most eager of workers. Power outages, weather phenomena and illness are examples; fortunately these occur infrequently enough that the corporation can move along in spite of them. But when the primary working tool of an employee -- the computer system -- is constantly slowing down, hanging, periodically crashing and causing storms of calls to the help desk, it's a wonder that managers just don't throw up their hands in defeat and go home.

The primary cause of these occurrences is file fragmentation, and today it seems to be more prevalent than ever. This is despite the implementation in many sites of scheduled defrag. But in fact, because computing environments have changed while defrag solutions have not, scheduled defrag is actually the cause of the problem. A higher-than-ever number of systems must now remain up and running 24X7, and "time windows" in which defrag can be run while users are off the system have all but disappeared. The solution has become to schedule defrag whenever possible and unfortunately those opportunities are rare.

A unique solution to this problem, as many organizations have discovered, is Diskeeper® software with InvisiTasking® technology. InvisiTasking allows Diskeeper to defragment whenever otherwise-idle resources are available -- meaning that drives are constantly kept defragmented and running at maximum performance. Scheduling is never required and there are never negative performance hits from defrag. Factors such as crashes, slowdowns, and slow boot and load times become a thing of the past.

While no longer handling floods of help desk calls and wasting valuable hours trying to schedule defragmentation, IT department time will be freed up and more productively spent.

With Diskeeper installed all across an enterprise, an enormous barrier to employee production is forever eliminated. Once again, it just becomes herding those certain employees away from the water cooler and back to work!

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