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September 30, 2005 12:45 ET

The Industry Involved in the Online Transfer of Electronic Funds Is as Strong as Ever and a New Provider Is Emerging, Ready to Take on New Markets

NOTE TO EDITORS: The Following Is an Investment Opinion Being Issued by The Bellwether Report.

VANCOUVER, BC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 30, 2005 -- Since 2002, CheckFree has seen nothing short of solid upward momentum, rising from a share value under $10 to recent highs over $42. This is due to CheckFree (NASDAQ: CKFR) and similar online electronic funds transfer companies gaining recognition for their convenience, efficiency, security measures, time-saving abilities and cost effectiveness.

In turn, this renewed confidence that took some time following the dotcom crash, has lead to unbelievable increases in users, profitability, and thus, share value for CheckFree and similar companies. Case in point, eBay subsidiary, PayPal, an online, auction focused, electronic funds transfer provider, in a $10 billion dollar market, has taken its once loss ridden operations from an account holder base of just over 10 million, with revenues of $100 million and a net loss of $107 million in 2001, to an account base over 78 million with revenue well in excess of $700 million, and positive cash flow.

NETeller (OTC: NTLRF), a company moving funds via the Internet for the online gaming community, in another $10 billion dollar market, has seen astonishing gains since its public inception. Ticker NLR, this London AIM exchange listed company has surely been enthused by its April 2004 IPO pricing of $200GBP moving to levels above $900GBP. This company is also listed on the pink sheets.

Each of these companies offers a similar solution; however, each is known for a different niche. CheckFree is focused on business clients allowing consumers to receive and pay electronic bills and perform ordinary banking transactions online. PayPal provides an online payment service primarily for buyers and sellers in online auctions. While, NETeller moves funds for the online gaming community. Each company has its own strengths, Checkfree known for its diverse business solutions, NETeller for its impressive security, and PayPal for its ease of payment to anyone with an email address.

All have had incredible runs, seen revenues and profits and exceeded analyst expectations time and time again. As technologies improve their applicability and thus opportunities will only expand.

Each of these companies has encountered numerous competitors along the way, but because they were first movers in their sector, their fast market saturation has left competition without a breath, time and time again.

Bellwether Report and its affiliates have not been compensated by any of the above-mentioned companies.

Please visit the Bellwether Report if you are just as impressed with these companies as we have been. The Bellwether Report is preparing a detailed report of the latest online, electronic funds transfer company ready to emerge in the public scene in the coming week.

This report details a company, like those above, that will have its own niche market, untouched by the online electronic funds transfer industry. Secondly their market is larger than any of those mentioned above, moving funds in an industry that moves trillions of dollars weekly.

Considering the market caps of CheckFree at 3.5 billion, PayPal at 3 billion, and NETeller at 1.8 billion, Bellwether feels this company will be extremely undervalued at the time of its offering.

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