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August 17, 2010 11:15 ET

Industry Leader Method123 Just Announced Their Newest Project Management Template Release

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 17, 2010) - Method123 has just announced their newest template release - the Expense Form template.

The Expense Form template is Method123's newest template as part of their overall Project Management Kit product containing over fifty full featured Project Management Templates.

Method123 has become an industry leader in the project management world with over 1 million of their popular Project Management Kit sold so far worldwide. The new Expense Form template further enhances this full suite of templates designed to make the life of project managers everywhere much easier.

The Expense Form is the document that allows the project manager to capture all expense requests for items during the Project Planning process. The main purpose of the Expense Form is to control what is being purchased and therefore to also help keep the project budget in control. Generally, a project team member completes the Expense Form in order to acquire something that is needed for the project. This request is then routed through the proper approval process so that the necessary items can be purchased.

"Our Expense Form template allows the project manager to capture all requested expenses against the project giving them ultimate control over tracking the budget and expenses," states Jason Westland, CEO and co-founder of Metho123 Ltd. "This template is a critical piece of the overall Project Management Methodology. All of your supplier, contractor, materials, equipment and other expenses for your project will be requested and then trackable through this template. At Method123, we're working to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks on your project."

The Expense Form template - as with all Method123 template offerings - contains lots of helpful hints and tips and detailed instructions to make documenting project expense requests easy. With this tool, the Project Manager will know that all necessary information is getting submitted, thus eliminating the need for time consuming follow-up with the requestor. And as always, this template contains pre-completed sections to help even the most novice user create expense requests like a seasoned pro.

The Expense Form template will enable the project manager to:

--  Track, monitor and control all incoming expense requests against the
--  Identify the approval process for all types of project expenses
--  Create special approval processes, when necessary, for items outside the
    normal dollar limits for the project expenses
--  Get alerts of any project expense concerns
--  Keep the project budget in check by maintaining complete control over
    project expenses and requests

Information captured includes:

--  Type of expense, preferred vendor and special instructions for procuring
    the items
--  Dates for when items are needed or actual expenses were incurred
--  All details on the expense approval process

"At Method123, we're constantly working to remove obstacles to success for the project manager," says Jason. "Our templates take much of the guess work and grunt work out of the project managers hands because so much information is already pre-formatted for the user. With our templates project managers and their team members can make quick work out of their project documentation needs and get on to the even more important work of tending to the customer's needs."

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