SOURCE: InfiNet Wireless

November 14, 2005 08:44 ET

InfiNet Wireless Introduces a New Class of Application Aware Broadband Wireless Access Networks

First to Provide a Total Triple Play BWA Solution Ready for Advanced Services

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 14, 2005 -- InfiNet Wireless, a global provider of Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) and pre-WiMAX equipment for last mile connectivity and private and public networks, has moved to the next level in delivering service-oriented broadband wireless networks designed from the ground up. Using its world leading, IP-aware broadband wireless router platform as a starting point, InfiNet Wireless now allows customers to deliver enhanced VoIP applications with a new range of VoIP products designed for wireless Triple Play.

InfiNet's new VoIP products include the Signaling Gateway Controller (SGC), Media Gateway Controller (MGC), Session Border Controller (SBC) and a range of IP-phones and DECT stations. This full array of VoIP solutions will complement both pre-WiMAX and WiMAX networks, and use load balancing and gateway clustering to scale while allowing the entry-level system to be deployed inside an InfiNet Wireless router. Real Time Protocol (RTP) traffic is optimized to improve VoIP voice quality and manage traffic to minimize uplink congestion.

"We studied the problem of wireless service delivery carefully and used operational InfiNet broadband wireless access networks to come up with an architecture that relieves many of the problems involved in implementing VoIP networks," states Igor Akulov, CTO of InfiNet Wireless. "With this new technology, InfiNet Wireless is the only supplier to provide a total triple play broadband wireless access solution that is ready today for advanced services."

The new range of gateways provide load balance signaling and real time protocol streams across stackable units, with no moving parts, that are environmentally ruggedized. Additionally, sharing of DSP load across units optimize functions such as codec compression, echo cancellation and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Distribution of RTP streams across the network allows service providers to overcome NAT/Firewall issues using RTP proxy and optimize traffic flow so that the BWA network is not saturated with unnecessary data transfer.

Because the whole solution is based on the InfiNet Wireless WanFlex operating system, features available in one device can be accessed across the whole network. InfiNet Wireless BWA radio routers can also share some of the VoIP features available in the gateways and signaling systems, so a truly cost-effective solution can be found.

InfiNet Wireless VoIP BWA products provide:

--  Customer premises equipment - WiMAX and Pre-WiMAX BWA router CPEs,
    VoIP handsets, multi-channel VoIP DECT base stations and VoIP gateways;
--  Access Network - WiMAX and Pre-WiMAX BWA router BSes, VoIP PSTN
    gateways (MG-IP & MG-E1/T1), signaling gateways (SGC), RTP proxies and
    Session Border Controllers (SBC);
--  Core Network - WiMAX and Pre-WiMAX BWA router BSes, VoIP PSTN
    stackable gateways (MG-IP & MG-E1/T1), signaling gateways (SGC), RTP
    proxies and Session Border Controllers (SBC) with front end load balancers
    (SS 2xxx FPC).
About InfiNet Wireless:

InfiNet Wireless is a leading global vendor of Last Mile connectivity solutions utilizing Fixed Broadband Wireless Access (FBWA) and emerging WiMAX technologies. InfiNet Wireless' leading-edge routing products represent more than ten years of intense engineering efforts by world-class Russian development laboratories, with extensive field experience in the design and deployment of thousands of wireless carrier-class networks. InfiNet Wireless is a member of the WiMAX Forum™ and is committed to bringing WiMAX-compliant products to market based on the emerging 802.16 standard. InfiNet has earned a clear leadership position in fixed wireless installations in Russia and Eastern Europe and has more than 300 carrier-class wireless networks throughout the world.

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