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October 12, 2005 11:12 ET

Informative Announces Search Functionality to Foster Brand Advocacy

Fortune 500 Companies Gain Ability to Search for Brand Advocates and Actionable Insights Among Various Communities to Identify Top-Rated Consumer Feedback

BRISBANE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 12, 2005 -- Informative, Inc., the leading provider of brand advocacy solutions that tap into the voice of the customer to generate word-of-mouth, today announced the introduction of enhanced search capabilities. This advanced search functionality enables companies to explore insights from their customers and identify those customers that can drive results through positive word-of-mouth and brand recommendations. Combined with Informative's suite of Brand Advocacy solutions and Brand Advocacy Blogs, the search capabilities allow decision-makers to quickly locate relevant customer comments and their authors.

Informative stands alone in its unique ability to search for actionable insights within a customer base across several communication channels. For example, a consumer electronics company could quickly search for all the comments made by its customers about iPod accessories through blog comments, forum entries and customer conversations. Informative's unique, patented customer conversation technology -- Adaptive Conversations -- allow brands to mine and analyze insights from free-form consumer thoughts. By searching these conversations for specific insights and identifying those individuals who can effectively spread word-of-mouth messages, marketers can determine which accessories are most popular and get people talking to create better selling products and more effective marketing messages.

"Informative enables companies to identify and communicate with their most influential brand advocates," said Ed Sarraille, Chief Executive Officer of Informative. "Search is a powerful addition to our suite of brand advocacy solutions. Now, companies have the resources to engage their customers using Brand Advocacy Blogs, host a direct dialog through our Adaptive Conversation technology, and search for common ideas and attitudes across all these channels, making the overall communications process more satisfying and efficient."

Search Tool Identifies Insights across All Channels

Informative's search engine has the unique capability of aggregating data through both quantitative and qualitative means. Users are able to quickly search for insights across all interaction channels including Adaptive Conversations, Blogs and Forums to identify and group customer insights around popular themes and topics. These insights allow decision makers to identify what is most important and most talked about across different customer segments.

Using Informative's Adaptive Conversation Technology, companies are able to find ideas, potential trends and problem areas by tapping into consumers' thoughts and opinions. Adaptive Conversation has a patented sampling algorithm that delivers a prioritized list of customer feedback. With this feedback customers such as Intuit, LEGO and Bose can search by defined criteria to locate top comments, as well as the rating and ranking of those comments among all customers.

In addition to searching for actionable insights, Informative's Brand Advocacy Solutions allow companies to search for their most influential brand advocates. Using a proprietary segmenting methodology, customers are ranked to determine their level of persuasiveness, the size of their social network and their willingness to positively recommend a company's brand. Companies searching for brand advocates among their customer base are able to leverage those customers to drive positive opinions and influence the purchase intent of others.

About Informative

Informative, Inc. is the leading provider of technology and strategic services solutions to help companies engage in, capture, analyze, and leverage customer conversations -- with each other and the brand. Leading companies, including 1-800-Flowers, Bose, Intuit, LEGO, Procter & Gamble and Royal Mail, rely on Informative solutions to discover and use the attitudes and ideas that travel most effectively through their brand marketplaces, resulting in enhanced and stronger products, more relevant messaging and marketing campaigns, and higher customer loyalty and evangelism. Using Informative's solutions, companies can cultivate true evangelists and activate the power of organic word-of-mouth. Founded in 1999, Informative is headquartered in Brisbane, CA. For more information about Informative, please go to

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