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April 30, 2008 13:13 ET

InnoCentive Unveils List of Top Solvers for 2007

Top Solvers Hailing From Across the Globe Recognized for Outstanding Achievement in 2007

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - April 30, 2008) - InnoCentive, Inc., the leader in Prize Based Open Innovation, today announced the winners of the first annual Top Solver awards, for Challenges solved in 2007. A total of 11 Solvers from seven countries have secured a place on this year's award list.

From engineers and scientists to creative entrepreneurs, Solvers are the innovative thinkers that join the InnoCentive Solver™ community to solve some of the world's toughest challenges. 2007 was a record year for InnoCentive, with a 300 percent increase in Awards achieved by Solvers for solving Challenges and a 400 percent increase in prize money distributed. This month, InnoCentive reached another major Solver milestone, when the company hit the $3 million mark in prize money distributed.

InnoCentive has awarded Solvers in two categories. The first is in the category of highest grossing Solvers, for Solvers who earned a total of $50,000 USD or higher in prizes for their winning solutions in 2007. The second category awards Solvers who solved at least two Challenges in 2007. Solvers can submit solutions for challenges in the following categories: Business and Entrepreneurship, Chemistry, Engineering and Design, Life Sciences, Math and Computer Science and Physical Sciences.

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Two Solvers on this inaugural award list were winners in both categories. These dedicated Solvers are:

-- Nikolay Barashkov (CA, USA): Four Challenges solved in the chemistry
   -- Barashkov is currently the Director of Research & Development at
      Micro-Tracers, Inc. He is the author of six books, two granted US
      patents and three granted European patents and 10 US patents pending.

-- Ed Melcarek (Ontario, Canada): Five Challenges solved in the life
   sciences and engineering/design disciplines.
   -- A Polish Canadian with a Doctorate Degree in Engineering Science,
      Melcarek has a diverse technical background in Aerospace,
      Electronics, Particle Physics and Machinery.

In the category of highest grossing Solvers, where at least $50,000 was earned, the winners are:

-- Wenhui Zhang (Beijing, China): One Challenge solved in the chemistry
   -- Zhang is a graduate of Nankai University and the China Institute of
      Atomic Energy. For the past six years, his focus has been on leading
      a research & development team in the fields of biology, chemistry and

-- Ming Zhou (MA, USA): One Challenge solved in the engineering/design
   -- Zhou is a consultant with SunMoon Materials Company. From Research &
      Development, project management to various US Patent applications,
      Zhou has one of the most diverse backgrounds of any InnoCentive

In the category of most Challenges solved, the winners are:

-- Anatoly Chernyshev (Iowa, USA): Two Challenges solved in the chemistry
   and life sciences disciplines.
   -- Chernyshev has PhD degree in physical chemistry. Currently he is a
      postdoctoral fellow in chemistry department, the University of Iowa.
      His research interests are focused on structure and function of
      proteins and novel approaches to drug design.

-- Hegui Hu (NJ, USA): Three Challenges solved in the chemistry and life
   sciences disciplines.
   -- Hu is a Green Chemist in New Jersey and his research involves
      chemistry of all fields, from inorganic, organic and polymer science;
      from analytical, physical to computational chemistry.

-- Sekhar Konjeti (TN, USA): Three Challenges solved in the life sciences
   -- Konjeti currently holds a position as Research Associate Professor in
      Radiation Oncology, Vanderbilt University. His interests include
      identifying drug candidates for cancer prevention and treatment as
      well as designing novel radiosensitizers and studying drug targets.

-- James Mitchell (Rennes, France): Two Challenges solved in the chemistry
   -- Mitchell moved to France in 1996 and took up a Professorship in
      Astrochemistry at the University of Rennes in Brittany. His
      scientific interests include the experimental study of
      electron-molecular ion collision processes and using synchrotron
      radiation to study particle formation in flames and plasmas.

-- Dr. Ammanamanchi Radhakrishna (Bangalore, Karnataka, India): Two
   Challenges solved in the life sciences discipline.
   -- Radhakrishna is presently working at Shriram Institute for Industrial
      Research as Joint Director - Bangalore Branch. He is
      co-author/inventor of nine publications and five patents. His
      research interests include theoretical and experimental chemistry,
      life sciences, chemo bioinformatics and biotechnology.

-- Eugeny Savin (Moscow, Russia): Two Challenges solved is the chemistry
   -- Savin is a Senior Researcher in the Organophosphorus compounds team,
      Institute of Organoelement Compounds, Russian Academy of Sciences.
      He has more than 50 publications, including 3 reviews and 4 patents.
      Among his current interests is Medicinal chemistry.

-- Giorgia Sgargetta (Perugia, Italy): Two Challenges solved in the
   chemistry and life sciences disciplines.
   -- Sgargetta has a doctoral degree in organic chemistry and her areas
      of expertise are in detergent formulations, agrochemicals and
      analytical chemistry.

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"InnoCentive's global base of 140,000 Solvers is the backbone of the company's open innovation marketplace and their remarkable achievements deserve recognition. Our diverse group of some of the world's brightest minds has not only helped our Seeker companies bring their products to market at a faster pace but have also solved some of the world's most critical Challenges with their innovative ideas and approaches."

- Dwayne Spradlin, CEO, InnoCentive Inc.

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Founded in 2001, InnoCentive built the first global web community for open innovation, enabling scientists, engineers, professionals and entrepreneurs to collaborate to deliver breakthrough solutions for R&D-driven organizations. InnoCentive Seekers, who collectively spend billions of dollars on R&D, submit complex problems to the InnoCentive Marketplace where more than 140,000 engineers, scientists, inventors, business people, and research organizations in more than 175 countries are invited to solve them. Solvers who deliver the most innovative solutions receive financial awards ranging up to US$1,000,000. InnoCentive's Seekers include commercial, government and non-profit organizations such as Eli Lilly and Company, Janssen, Solvay, GlobalGiving and The Rockefeller Foundation.

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