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August 24, 2010 08:00 ET

Innovations Medical Makes "Lose Your Moobs" Offer to Men Who Want to Reduce Breast Fat

Dallas Doctor Sees 300% Jump in Male Breast Fat Reductions

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - August 24, 2010) -  Too many men have suffered in silence for too long, according to Dr. Bill Johnson, Medical Director of Innovations Medical. He wants more men to "Loose the Moobs" by leveraging modern cosmetic procedures to solve a serious problem.

Male breast fat.

"Either more men are developing flabby pecs, or men are just taking better care of themselves now," says Dr. Johnson. "We've seen the interest in male breast fat reduction jump dramatically in the last year."

Johnson's team of technicians at Innovations medical has seen a 300% increase in the demand for this procedure over the last 3 years. "These days, I see at least one 'moob' patient per week," says Johnson. "All of them want liposuction to reduce their chest fat."

Medically, it's called gynecomastia, but most men refer to their enlarged breasts as "moobs." Some Hollywood glitterati have been snapped with "moobs": Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, even Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are numerous YouTube videos. But no one needs to put up with it, according to Johnson.

Causes can include obesity, hormones and kidney disease, but most of the determining factors are genetic.

"A decade ago, men didn't seek out cosmetic procedures to address their appearance, but they do now," says Dr. Johnson. "It's simple and effective." Dr. Johnson's unique "moob" liposuction takes less than one hour, and the patient is awake the entire time. "A guy can come in, have the procedure, and be back at work the next day," says Johnson. He combines two popular lipo technologies -- Tickle Liposuction and SmartLipo. The combination allows for removal of excess fat and skin tightening in the chest area.

"I want more men to take better care of themselves," says Dr. Johnson. "Get over the hesitation and loose the moobs!"

Innovations Medical is a full-service aesthetic medical practice with locations in Dallas, Fort Worth and Grapevine, Texas. Medical Director Bill Johnson, M.D., has been treating patients in North Texas since 1984. As the name implies, Innovations Medical was the first in North Texas to offer many leading-edge technologies, including SmartLipo, Vibro Liposuction and Acoustic Wave Therapy for cellulite.

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