October 08, 2009 14:00 ET

Innovative Birthday Party Idea Helps Raise an Age of Giving Kids A Movement for Change Led By Kids

TORONTO, CANADA--(Marketwire - Oct. 8, 2009) - A new birthday party idea is inspiring children to change the world thanks to This new wave of birthday parties encourages kids to think of others and has created a contagious spirit of giving.

Through their ONE GIFT, ONE CAUSE concept, the service makes any birthday party more meaningful. Contributions are pooled online (from guests) for the purchase of one special birthday present for the birthday boy or girl. The rest of the funds are donated to a charity of the child's choice. ECHOage arranges everything; no need to send invitations, collect rsvps, drive, shop, wrap etc. By doing "less" at the time of their birthday, the ECHOage social and environmental impact is significant and lasting.

The impact has been tremendous so far. Just by celebrating their birthdays, children are feeding other children in need of food. Over 143,000 nutritious meals have been served through Nourish America and Second Harvest. "ECHOage is a triple-win game. First, children and families benefit by doing good, second worthy causes and great charities are benefited, and third, our world is a better place for it. Nourish America and those we serve has benefited greatly from this innovative model of collaborative fund raising." Michael A. Morton, Executive Director, Nourish America.

"Raising an age of giving children is the outcome of ECHOage birthday parties. Children learn that giving is fun, inspiring, rewarding and easy to do," says Debbie Zinman, Co-Founder.

Parents are proud to review ECHOage and share stories about how ECHOage has added new meaning to their child's celebration.

"When a child becomes an active participant in the process of selecting a charity and choosing a memorable gift that they have been dreaming of it reinforces that given the tools, children can have significant impact on both society and the environment," says Alison Smith, Co-Founder.

About ECHOage

ECHOage was created and founded by two mothers, Alison Smith and Debbie Zinman, who believe that children can improve the world one birthday party at a time. ECHOage is a charity driven, eco-friendly birthday party service where children learn the value of giving and receiving just by celebrating. Instead of bringing wrapped gifts, your guests contribute online with half the donations going to a group gift for the birthday child and the other half going to a charity the birthday child has chosen. It is that simple.

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