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September 25, 2007 06:00 ET

Innovative and Passionate Public Relations Firm Christie Communications Takes Stand to Stop War With New 'Making Peace Profitable' Business Model

Santa Barbara-Based Communications Agency Pioneers Advocacy Programs Based on Ethical Business Practices

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire - September 25, 2007) - For thousands of years, many businesses have profited from war. With this profit comes destroyed families, wasted cultures, unnecessary conflict and death of innocent children and victims. Gillian Christie, founder of Christie Communications, is doing something to change this through her agency's new business model: Making Peace Profitable™.

"How can people sleep at night knowing they are profiting from war?" asks Christie. "We all know that change can and must occur. By shifting the attention of the media, the buying habits of each individual, the basis of much history education, the themes of many movies and TV shows to focusing on ethical products, activities, and events, we can change the world, making it safe and productive for everyone. The rapidly growing awareness and demand for green and sustainable practices and businesses is the tip of the iceberg...that is melting. Our Making Peace Profitable business model helps ethical businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs succeed and in turn, helps humanity and planet earth survive better."

Christie Communications, a pioneer in the public relations industry specializing in green and ethical business practices and global betterment program development, announces the launch of the "Making Peace Profitable" business model. Based on the philosophy that by helping ethical companies, non-profits and entrepreneurs achieve success using effective PR and Organic Marketing™ techniques, others will be inspired to join this community and demonstrate that ethical products and services can flourish, and shift conditions globally for the better.

Developed as an outgrowth of the firm's consulting activities for a growing roster of national and international businesses and extensive work performed for non-profits, Making Peace Profitable is designed to complement and expand existing socially responsible activities, that truly get results, such as the Christie CommUnity Wells for Sudan Program. A primary aim of the program is to create innovative and workable solutions between businesses, NGOs, governments and other stakeholders sharing like-mind objectives.

"Our passion is to improve societal conditions by helping ethical entrepreneurs and companies forward their messages and accomplish their goals," commented Ms. Christie. "Yet, we realize that to be attainable, the objectives of Making Peace Profitable must flow seamlessly from an organization's culture and mission into implementation."

In announcing the launch of Making Peace Profitable, the Santa Barbara-based public relations agency has defined a core set of strategies that help companies profit while helping the global communities prosper:

Honest and Accurate Branding, Communication and Advertising

Social Responsibility and Care

Fair Trade and Equitable Business practices at home and abroad

Sustainable systems and products

Conscientious Reinvestment

"We've been at the forefront of promoting business practices that respect and enhance the people, cultures and the planet for nearly 25 years," said Gillian Christie, founder and CEO of Christie Communications. "It has always been our belief that more organizations would adopt these principles if they were supported by a like-minded team of professionals who cared and worked hard for their success. With the Making Peace Profitable business model, we can help make these goals possible for our clients and make the world a better and safer place to live."

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About Christie Communications

Launched in 1983 as Christie Consulting, the firm was among the first in the world to provide expertise to organizations dedicated to environmentalism and ethical governance. Years before the emergence of "green" consumerism, Ms. Christie developed and implemented public relations and marketing strategies that helped lay the groundwork for today's acceptance of sustainability as a mainstream lifestyle choice.

In addition to creating inventive editorial content to promote their clients, the company's campaigns have helped educate the public about fair trade, organic farming and other then little-known issues. Among the firm's innovations are research surveys such Conversion Market Research™, effective branding, Public Relations, Global Betterment Program creation and marketing.

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