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September 12, 2005 18:00 ET

Integration Associates and Oki Electric Enable ZigBee™ One-Stop Solution

Oki Receives the ZigBee Compliant Platform Certificate

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA and TOKYO, JAPAN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 12, 2005 --Integration Associates and Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (TSE: 6703) today announced a one-stop Solution for ZigBee™, considered the next generation low data rate wireless network technology. This one-stop solution consists of Oki's LSI, the ML7065, and the ZigBee Stack by Integration. The solution has received its ZigBee Compliant certificate from the ZigBee Alliance, and will be available globally in December 2005 from Oki and Integration. Oki provides and supports the CompXs ZigBee Stack in Asia, including Japan, while Integration provides and supports the ZigBee Stack in N. America and Europe.

Akira Kamo, President of the Silicon Solutions Company at Oki Electric, stated, "With the combination of Oki's ML7065 and Integration's CompXs ZigBee Stack, customers can establish a low data rate wireless network to control a wide range of applications from lighting, HVAC, production and storage facility logistics, to home appliance and health care monitoring." He continued, "Using the advanced low data rate wireless technology, Oki will contribute to establish the next generation home and factory automation, focusing on reliability, safety, and comfort."

Jean-Luc Nauleau, CEO and President of Integration, stated that, in addition to paving the way for the next generation of home and industrial wireless automation, "the collaboration between Oki and Integration has the benefit of delivering end customers a fully-compliant ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 solution that minimizes the design cycle challenges to provide for the fastest time-to-market."

By incorporating Integration's technology, Oki developed its industry-first IEEE802.15.4 compliant LSI that includes a 2.4GHz RF, physical layer (PHY) and a Media Access Control layer (MAC) in a single chip, and started volume production in June 2005. Because the ML7065 includes the MAC layer, the backbone of the communication function, it reduces the required host CPU performance and memory, enabling Oki to provide a low cost, minimum resource ZigBee solution.

The CompXs ZigBee Stack software, which was developed by Integration, complies with the upper layers established by the ZigBee Alliance. By combining Oki's ML7065 with the CompXs ZigBee Stack, Oki can provide a one-stop solution to customers, shortening the development time of ZigBee enabled systems and enabling lower cost BOM.

Oki will announce this one-stop solution at the ZigBee Open House, held in Chicago, USA, on September 14, 2005.

[Features of CompXs ZigBee Stack from Integration]

--  Optimized for Zigbee coordinators (ZC), routers (ZR),
    and end devices (ZED)
--  Flexible Implementation
--  Optimized for flexible configuration of network size
    and topology
--  ML7065+CompXs ZigBee Stack certified as the
    Certification Platform from ZigBee Alliance
--  Easy to transplant as it is based on C-Language
--  Users can choose any CPU based on their applications
--  Oki provides and supports the CompXs ZigBee Stack in
    Asia (including Japan.)
--  Integration provides and supports the CompXs ZigBee
    Stack in N. America and Europe.

[Features of the ML 7065]

--  World's first one-chip LSI with IEEE802.15.4 2.4GHz
--  Uses synchronous serial interface when connecting to
    host CPU
--  Low-power consumption enabling long time operation with
    dry-cell batteries
--  Standby current lower than 2uA
--  0.22 micron low-leakage CMOS process
--  Small package size - 7x7(mm)
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