SOURCE: OWLink Technology, Inc.

January 16, 2008 06:00 ET

Intel Approves High Definition Digital Content Protection Over OWLink's DLI Fiber Optic Links for Encrypted High Definition Video Transmissions

All Video Data TransmittedOver OWLink DLI Is Fully Protected by HDCP Encryption

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - January 16, 2008) - OWLink Technology, a leading provider of innovative technology that transmits high definition digital video, audio and control signals over a single transparent DLI™ Fiber Optic link, today announced that Digital Content Protection (DCP) LLC, an Intel company, has approved a new specification for transmitting high definition digital content protected (HDCP) video signals over OWLink's DLI Fiber Optic Links in today's cutting edge digital home entertainment systems. By adhering to the HDCP standard, OWLink ensures that all the video, audio data transmitted on DLI link is secure and protected.

Digital Content Protection, LLC, which manages Intel's HDCP standards adherence, reports that HDCP over DLI has become the latest standard interface for encrypted HD video transmission. All video data transmitted over our DLI output is protected by the HDCP encryption scheme.

"We are delighted to have our DLI technology approved by DCP for secured high definitional video transmission," said Paul Tzang, president and CEO, OWLink. "Adherence to a video transmission standard like HDCP is critical for digital home entertainment equipment makers to achieve in order for customers to fully benefit from their investment. We are pleased that DCP and Intel have approved OWLink's DLI for adherence to the HDCP standard."

Since the introduction of digital video transmission, securing and protecting content in digital formats is a major concern of content providers. All types of digital video equipment are required to have content protection schemes in order to combat piracy.

Video/audio content is encrypted at the source before transmitting content to the receiver side. There, the data is decrypted to its original content and then displayed on a high definition TV screen.

In the HDCP over DLI interface, the key exchange is carried out via the more reliable DLI optical fiber interface from OWLink. Data transmitted over DLI interface has the same level of content protection as that in the HDCP protected HDMI/DVI interfaces. For HDCP content protection, optical fiber is considered more secure than copper media since it is more difficult to breach by hackers or pirates compared to the electronic signal from the copper wire.

OWLink Benefits

OWLink works with a number of leading OEM partners in the digital home entertainment market. These partnerships help expand the company's customer base and position OWLink to be a strong technology leader in developing innovative products that transmit high-definition A/V signals over a fiber optic link.

OWLink's products transmit uncompressed video/audio and comply with Studio-approved HDCP content protection technologies. OWLink technology enables home users to place their video and audio equipment in the most convenient location in the home without opening walls, ceilings or floors to run cable. By deploying a simple A/V switch, one set of source devices can be accessed by multiple displays throughout the home. Each display can access different video and audio source devices, making it possible to watch the game on high-definition television while listening to music from the stereo system.

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