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Intelivote Systems Inc.

April 29, 2008 14:34 ET

Intelivote Systems Inc.: Nova Scotia Company's Electronic Voting Solution Doubles Voter Turnout in Ontario By-Election

DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA--(Marketwire - April 29, 2008) - Intelivote Systems Incorporated (ISI), a premier Canadian electronic voting company based in Dartmouth, NS, recently delivered its electronic voting solution to residents in the Ontario Township of Montague for a municipal by-election for deputy reeve.

Murray Hackett, Chief Administrative Officer of Montague, said the Township had a paper ballot based by-election in 2004 resulting in a 16% turnout. The recent by-election using Intelivote's electronic internet and telephone voting resulted in a 36.6% turnout; more than doubling the voter participation rate of the 2004 event.

"We were very happy with the evoting process and feedback from the voters has been very positive", said Hackett, "and we were very excited about the level of voter participation."

"There are numerous factors that impact voter participation," said Dean Smith, President and founder of Intelivote, "Everything from the number of candidates on the ballot, to the issues surrounding the election, influence voter participation. What we have heard over and over again, is that additional voter choice on how and when they vote, plays a significant role in the willingness of voters to cast their ballot. We had voting occurring at two o'clock in the morning in the Montague election, because it was just more convenient for some voters at that time. Electronic voting offers choice."

Voters in Montague used a personal identification number mailed to them to cast their vote using either the phone or the internet, and could vote over a seven day period. Eligible voters who were travelling or away on vacation also participated resulting in votes being cast from locations in five different US states and from locations in three other Canadian provinces. The average voter using the phone completed their vote in 42 seconds and internet voters took, on average, slightly over one minute to complete the voting process.

Smith said evoting is becoming more popular in Canada and worldwide with Intelivote conducting numerous municipal elections in both Canada and the UK over the past eighteen months. Several Nova Scotia communities will be making use of evoting for their 2008 municipal elections in October, including HRM who will use it for advanced voting, and Windsor and Stewiacke who will be allowing voters to cast their ballots in advance polls and on election day. Discussions are underway with several other municipalities as well.

Intelivote has also been asked to meet with the Secretary of State's office for the State of Alabama who is interesting in using Internet voting for US military voters currently out of the country.

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