InterLingua Educational Publishing

November 29, 2006 12:47 ET

InterLingua Introduces Campus Rep Program for Its NotePods Collection of Study Aids

REDONDO BEACH, CA--(Collegiate Presswire - November 29, 2006) - InterLingua Educational Publishing announced today the introduction of its Campus Rep program for its collection of NotePods study aids.

"NotePods are audio and text summaries of books and plays by Shakespeare, Hawthorne, Dickens, Austen and other required authors that can be played on a student's iPod, MP3 player or computer," says Jack Bernstein, President of InterLingua. "They were created to help students with their exams and term papers, and cost only $1.99 each." "We're expanding our marketing program to include Campus Reps," Bernstein says. "Students who refer customers to us will make money on every sale."

Each Campus Rep is expected to have a personal webpage, such as on MySpace or Facebook, and when a classmate links to via the Rep's webpage and downloads one or more NotePods, the Rep receives a percentage of the sale (paid once a month to a PayPal account). The compensation is on a sliding scale, starting at 12.5% commission per sale, rising to 25% as the volume from that Rep increases. Administration and accounting services for the program will be handled by an independent software company that specializes in affiliate programs, and Reps will be able to check online to see how many sales they made during a given month.

"The NotePods should be popular with students since they are being written by university teachers and recorded by professional actors," says Bernstein. "They are accurate, comprehensive, and easy to listen to, and by formatting them for iPods and MP3 players, students can study while riding on the bus, jogging, biking, lounging, or even walking the dog."

Students interested in registering as a Campus Rep can do so at The program kicks off in January so the sooner one registers, the better. While there will be multiple Reps at most schools, the number will be kept to a minimum in order to help each Rep maximize his/her sales.

InterLingua Educational Publishing, a Southern California-based publisher founded in 1992, has been aggressively expanding its offerings to the K-12 and higher education markets. Its portfolio of products now includes: the TADELL line of K-8 bilingual math assessment and development workbooks; bilingual math glossaries/posters/flash cards; bilingual GED prep materials; and now, the latest new product introduction, NotePods.

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