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January 26, 2010 18:45 ET

International Armoring Corporation, the World Leader in Light-Weight Armor and the Only Company With Armormax® Bulletproof Protection

OGDEN, UT--(Marketwire - January 26, 2010) - International Armoring Corporation (IAC) has been the leading pioneer of high tech materials and light-weight armor in the armoring industry since 1993, which was when IAC invented the lightest armoring in the industry, Armormax®, the leading synthetic fiber laminate in the armoring industry today. IAC continues to be at the forefront of technology, with its newest implementation of armoring, involving bulletproof transportation. The company's worldwide headquarters in Ogden, Utah is where all design and material preparation is done including its newest innovations involving bulletproof transportation. IAC has been contributing life saving innovations to the armored car industry since its inception.

IAC has introduced a steady stream of innovations that have saved hundreds of lives, including the curved overlap protection system known as Elitus®. During IAC's three year partnership with Ford Motor Company, IAC designed and produced the Lincoln Town Car BPS armored vehicles. In 2004, following a special request by the United States government, IAC designed and produced installable armored kits for Hummers. These kits included the IED fragmentation floor blankets that are designed to absorb bomb fragmentation when bombs explode under the vehicle. The armor is concealed under the carpet and seats and it is then sealed to the entire floor of the vehicle. This kit concept has now been implemented internationally at many of IAC's in-country facilities. IAC is now able to assist in the saving of lives around the globe.

IAC meets or exceeds the requirements of the most widely adopted international armoring standards. Armoring standards in the United States were developed by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), a department of the US government. The European Union developed standards are called CEN, they are most commonly known as the B-Level standards. There are several countries that have developed their own standards, Armormax® generally adheres to the European Union's standard as it is more specific to the requirements of armored passenger vehicles.

IAC is known as the company that has reinvented the armoring industry. When you think of International Armoring Corporation you think of Armormax® which is a primary reason IAC is the leader in armored vehicle manufacturing around the world. When you add in International Armoring Corporation's ballistic glass of choice, Lightweight Transparent Armor LTA®, you get an impenetrable combination. IAC completes the total armoring package with a "Run Flat Tire System," "Ballistic Wrap, Anti-Explosive Fuel Tank," anti-ballistic battery, bulletproof transportation, dual ram bumpers, heavy duty suspension, shocks, and brakes. This complete armoring package is what sets International Armoring Corporation head and shoulders above all other armoring companies. For more information about International Armoring Corporation, call Toll Free: 800-224-0462.

About International Armoring Corporation (IAC)

IAC is a designer and manufacturer of armored cars, predominately passenger vehicles, and is known for using proprietary manufacturing methods and lightweight armoring materials (ARMORMAX®). IAC was founded in Ogden, Utah in 1993 and has grown to be a premier worldwide manufacturer of armored vehicles. IAC has manufacturing and service facilities in numerous countries. IAC and Armormax® materials have been used in over 6,000 armored vehicles, including vehicles for 37 different foreign presidents and heads of state. IAC vehicles have been sent to over 50 different countries. Governments, subcontractors, militaries, international corporations, religious leaders, vehicle manufacturers, and other individuals use IAC vehicles.

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