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January 08, 2008 10:00 ET

International Drug Detection Firm IDenta CEO Issues Shareholder Letter for 2008 -- IDenta-Accutest® Partnership Redefines U.S. Marketing Strategy

HEATHROW, FL--(Marketwire - January 8, 2008) - The CEO and President of IDenta Corp. (PINKSHEETS: IDTA) said in a letter to shareholders today that the company expects to garner significant market share of the U.S. on-site drug detection marketplace during 2008. The forecast is based on sales reports and product orders from Jant Pharmacal,, IDenta's primary U.S. marketing partner.

The shareholder letter stated:

January 7, 2008

To The Valued Shareholders of IDenta Corp.

We begin 2008 with great optimism that the year ahead promises to be the most significant in your company's five year history. During this brief time, we have gained great insight as to the opportunities, as well as the complications, of selling drug identification and explosive detection products in the law enforcement, commercial and civilian marketplaces around the world. Numerous business relationships, all in good faith, have been entered into for the purpose of promoting IDenta Corp. and marketing our products. Today most of the company's affiliations around the globe are providing us a broad base for optimism. Throughout all of these events IDenta's Board of Directors has remained confident that we will succeed. We now believe that 2008 will be the year for IDenta Corp. and our shareholders to begin reaping the benefits of our investment of time, money and innovation.

We now know we have the right organizational alliances in place in the United States, and in many places around the world, to achieve this year's sales goals. The formal partnership we developed last year with Jant Pharmacal,, is now reaping great benefits for both of our organizations. The growing flow of sales orders from our national network of Accutest® - IDenta sales representatives has been both revealing and very encouraging. We now realize that just because IDenta's drug testing kits offer a much more user-friendly and advanced drug testing process, that does not mean you can easily replace products that have been on a blanket reorder status for a very long time. To penetrate the law enforcement marketplace we have long needed this type of representative network in place to continuously be in front of both the decision makers as well as purchasing agents. It is a very complicated sales process because in most cases, the people who approve the use of these products are not the ones responsible for ordering them. Often after IDenta's products have been approved for purchase, we still have to address lowering the pricing structure in order to compete with the expectations set long ago by inferior and outdated products. But rest assured we are negotiating the pricing requirements to fit both our pricing model and that of the marketplace. We are not losing orders to our competition because of price.

During 2007, numerous U.S. law enforcement agencies switched to using IDenta Stinger Drug Detection kits, and during 2008 we anticipate that an even larger number of agencies will be replacing their current drug detection kits with IDenta products. We base this prediction on feedback we are receiving from Accutest's national network of over 100 trained representatives, many of whom once sold the major competitor's line, and are now enthusiastically embracing IDenta's drug identification solution. In 2007 product packaging and training collateral was enhanced to better exploit our advantages, while additional changes were made to the kits themselves to make them more user friendly, durable and easier to ship. We are also continuing to develop marketing programs for selling some of our drug detection kits and specialty products, like our recently announced new GHB, Ketamine, Ephedrine, BTK (Bullet Test Kit) and Lead Detectors into the consumer marketplaces.

To date, IDenta's patented two step detection-identification process has not received the legal endorsement that the company initially envisioned. Unlike any other on-site drug detection products on the market, IDenta's detection kits have been designed to first identify the presence of an illicit drug, then in step two provide 100% positive confirmation of the specific substance. Theoretically the test kits could then be immediately entered as evidence at the time of arrest into a court of law. This in-the-field drug detection-specific identification breakthrough streamlines the timeline for prosecution. It would result in keeping hundreds of criminals from returning to the streets, and would save law enforcement agencies millions of dollars in unnecessary laboratory fees. When this type of drug detection technology is accepted as admissible evidence in the courts, IDenta will be the only company with the patent and the product.

IDenta Corp. remains determined to investigate the right means to influence the way law enforcement and the national legal hierarchy views the usage and capabilities of IDenta's products. Therefore during 2008 our IDenta - Accutest® representative network will continue to conduct local training classes for narcotics and explosive professionals, while also reaching out with presentations to various community and civic organizations. This we believe can be a major force to increase awareness about new techniques in drug detection and prevention for law enforcement, the commercial sector and the consumer marketplaces.

Over the past five years, the company has developed a massive database of contacts within police departments, law enforcement agencies and industry media from attending numerous trade shows and industry events. This year our products will be exhibited in more trade show events than any previous year. The advertising of the IDenta product line in trade journals is slated to increase, and we will also soon be announcing that all IDenta products, drug and explosive detectors, are being sold through one of the largest, most respected catalogs in the industry. GSA approval is in its final stage and will also be announced soon. (Matter of weeks).

All in all, we now believe we have all of the right elements in place and working every day to deliver the sales results we have so diligently been working toward and you, our loyal shareholders, have been patiently waiting to see. During 2008 we anticipate being able to report sales and contractual agreements when the information is not proprietary or confidential. Our Board of Directors remains committed to IDenta Corp. being a legally compliant, fully reporting organization, with the long-term intention of elevating our trading status when it is in both the company's and our shareholders' best interests.

The United States is unique in size and involvement in fighting drug identification and explosive detection threats around the world. That is why we have focused on our efforts with the IDenta - Accutest® alliance. We have come a very long way in 2007 and I truly believe that it is now only be a matter of time before we can rightfully claim the position as 'the leading supplier of proprietary, off-site drug detection and explosive identifiers kits in the United States and in the world.'

Thank you for your support and prayers...


Yaacov Shoham
President and CEO
IDenta Corp.


IDenta Corp. has rapidly become recognized as a worldwide leader in the development of a variety of substance detection kits including proprietary on-site drug detection kits, and explosive detection kits. IDenta develops, manufactures and distributes products for the both professional and civil markets which consistently pass the highest qualifications and testing procedures of law enforcement and security agencies around the world. Information concerning IDenta's entire product line may be found at


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