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UFCW Canada

June 17, 2010 16:12 ET

International Walmart globalization summit slated for G20 week

WALMART: THE FACE OF GLOBAL GREED - an essential international Summit about one of the world’s most flagrant corporate benefactors of globalization and the policies of G8 and G20 leaders.

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>>>>>>>Attention: Toronto-GTA News /Assignment Editors for Monday, June 21

As part of our international response to the billion dollar meeting of the G8 and G20 in Toronto, UFCW Canada, Canada's largest private sector union, is presenting
WALMART: THE FACE OF GLOBAL GREED - an essential International Summit about one of the world's most flagrant corporate benefactors of globalization and the policies of G8 and G20 leaders.

As markets across our planet, particularly in the developing world, are cruelly leveraged open to ensure that goods and capital flow unobstructed across borders, a truly globalized world has emerged to the maximum benefit of a very few. In a world where an ever increasing number have increasingly less by way of shelter, food, and meaningful access to water and education, Walmart thrives as a model for 21st Century Capitalism.

WALMART: THE FACE OF GLOBAL GREED will bring together internationally acclaimed speakers from academia, and social justice and labour organizations to share their insights into the scourge of the Walmart phenomenon and its actual effect on the lives of the citizens of the world.


International summit on Walmart and globalization

Monday, June 21, 2010
1pm - 4pm

Best Western Primrose Hotel
111 Carlton Street
Toronto, ON
ON M5B 2G3


Keynote Address -
* Nelson Lichtenstein, Professor, historian, and celebrated author of
"The Retail Revolution: How Wal-Mart Created a Brave New World of Business".

Presenters -
* Wayne Hanley, National President, UFCW Canada
* Michael Bride, Deputy Organizing Director for Global Strategies, UFCW International union
* Ruben Cortina, Int. Secretary, FAECYS Argentina and President, UNI-Americas
* Dan Schlademan, WakeUpWalMart Campaign Director, UFCW International union
* Anouk Collet, National Representative, UFCW Canada
* Nick Allen, Campaign Director, Change to Win
* Scott Nova, Executive Director, Worker Rights Consortium

For more information see www.ufcw.ca/globalgreed.

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