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November 06, 2007 11:05 ET

Invensys Demonstrates SimSci-Esscor Upstream Optimization Solutions

GALVESTON, TX--(Marketwire - November 6, 2007) - (Deepwater Operations Conference and Exhibition) -- Invensys Process Systems is exhibiting here this week its SimSci-Esscor Upstream Optimization and Integrated Asset Model Management suite of simulation software for the oil and gas industry, including new software that brings powerful simulation capabilities to Excel spreadsheets.

This set of integrated software tools provides multiphase flow modeling, transient multicomponent simulation, and strategic optimization of oil and gas production operations. These tools help integrate field-wide production analysis from sandface-to-surface facilities, increase asset-wide production, improve well design and performance, and integrate full-field reservoir modeling. New software that Invensys is demonstrating here today enables multiphase flow simulation to be managed from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

"Our Upstream Optimization Suite provides powerful tools to help upstream processors balance both availability and utilization of upstream assets for competitive advantage, but few companies have enough simulation experts on staff to tap its full potential. In recognition of that, we have been working hard to enable a broader range of business and technical employees to use these tools. The new PIPEPHASE version we are showing here is an example of that," says Shaun Wright, Invensys Process Systems vice president for upstream global solutions.

The new Excel functionality is included in PIPEPHASE version 9.2, which enables users to drag and drop multiphase flow model parameters such as wellhead pressures, Gas Oil Ratios, PVT data, pipeline diameters, and IPR constants, directly into Excel spreadsheets. PIPEPHASE is a transient multicomponent simulation tool, which automates design and analysis of oil and gas wells, production networks, and processing facilities. Its PRO/II interface is the first commercially released software tool linking a pipeline-network simulator with a steady-state flowsheet simulator, allowing for rigorous modeling of the interactions between piping/production networks and associated processing facilities.

Other components of SimSci-Esscor's upstream offering include TACITE transient multicomponent simulation software, which facilitates visualization, design, and control of upstream assets through accurate prediction of the propagation of liquid slugs that occur during transient flow conditions in a multiphase pipeline; and NETOPT strategic optimization software, which helps define an optimization strategy for a wide range of oil and gas field operations, including maximizing production of the overall asset or minimizing of capital expenditures over the life of a field.

Invensys Process Systems also offers upstream producers a wide range of other SimSci-Esscor simulation software solutions, including a process engineering design and operational analysis toolset (Process Engineering Suite), advanced process control (APC) and rigorous on-line modeling and optimization applications (On-Line Performance Suite), dynamic simulation and high-fidelity control system emulation (Dynamic Simulation Suite), an engineering data and document-centric database management system (Comos FEED), dynamic plant operator training solutions (Operator Training Simulators), and advanced real-time SCADA processing that supports complex remote applications.

In addition presenting the SimSci-Esscor process simulation, monitoring and training solutions, Invensys automation experts will be available to describe benefits of strategic integration of control and data systems, including Foxboro control systems and instrumentation; Triconex ESD safety systems and turbomachinery controls; and Avantis enterprise asset management systems.

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